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Bathmate began in 2006 in the UK and Europe and is still being manufactured in the UK. Now being sold in 70 countries worldwide, Bathmate is still the only pump manufacturer that offers a 2 year guarantee on their products and will offer you a full money back guarantee if you do not see results. This company stands behind their products and they guarentee pain free results in 60 days.

Bathmate is made with the highest quality patented technology. When using a Bathmate, the compression is changed from pneumatic to hydraulic. This causes less strain on the penis and will make use much more comfortable. Recommended use of the Bathmate is 15 minutes maximum per day. No less than 3 uses per week.
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Bathmate - Cleaning Kit
$36.99 Save 19%
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Bathmate - Shower Strap
$32.99 Save 24%
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X40 HydroMax Penis Pump - Clear
$235.99 Save 15%