Dare to Explore the Backdoor? Learn More Here About Anal Sex Toys! 

Anal Sex Toys 101

If you are nervous about where to start on your anal sex journey, dont worry, we got you covered. Just remember, anal sex play is something so many people enjoy and there's a reason for it! Anal sex can still be a taboo topic for many, there are some myths and misconceptions out there that could potentially keep you from unlocking a whole new world of pleasure. Don't let the nay sayers stop you from exploring.

Lubricant is always a must when it comes to anal play as the anus doesn’t provide any natural lubrication like the vagina does. What makes a lube ideal for anal is one that is thicker in consistency to provide more of a cushion (silicone-based ones count too!) and that can stay on the body/a toy for a longer period of time!

Psst…you may have heard something about “anal numbing”, however, we don’t recommend using anything that stops you from feeling anything as it isn’t safe and not to mention it also takes away any feelings of pleasure! 

Help! I’m Buying My First Butt Toy

You may already have some anal experience, whether with fingers or maybe even a penis. But when buying an anal toy, it’s important to not let your eyes be bigger than your butt! Pay attention to the size and remember that it’s always better to start small and work your way up rather than starting off too big and being uncomfortable. Easing in is the best suggetsion we can make.

Pro Tip: If you're newer to anal play in general, you may want to start with fingers first to get used to the sensations and help you figure out if you like it or not; then you can get a toy to keep exploring!

We have even more tips for buying your first anal toy over on our blog!

Types of Anal Toys to Explore

All anal toys should have a flared base that is wider than the actual shaft of the toy itself to act as a safety stopper against the anal muscles that really like to suck things inside!

Anal Beads

Anal beads generally consist of a string of connected beads, with the next bead being slightly bigger than the last as they increase in size. For those who are accustomed to the sensation and looking for more, they can also be found with bigger beads/balls, and/or a string of balls/beads all the same size instead.

Butt Plugs

Plugs are typically inserted and left inside the anus for a period of time. They can provide the wearer with a hands-free feeling of stretching, pressure, and/or fullness that can be enjoyed during foreplay, sex, or just while hanging out!

Prostate Massagers 

Due to the location of the prostate, it is easiest accessed through a specific angle within the anus and prostate toys have been designed with this angle in mind!

Trainer Kits 

An anal trainer kit often consists of a set of anal toys with graduating sizes that allow you to start smaller and work your way up. This “trains” the anal muscles to be able to accommodate bigger things over time, like a dildo or a penis. Many come as a set with 3-4 butt plugs or probes and they can provide a more budget-friendly option to purchasing more than one anal toy at a time.


Involves anally penetrating someone with a strap-on dildo and since everyBODY has a butt, folks of all genders and sexual orientations can enjoy it!