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Benefits of our home party service over our competitors:

  • It’s FREE* (assuming $300 worth of purchases are made the night of the party collectively as a group).
  • No minimum number of guests! We will confirm the number of attendees with you a few days before the party so we know how much product to bring.
  • No price mark-up! We won’t raise the prices at your party — our price in store is what you will pay at the party.
  • Take your products home with you THE NIGHT OF THE PARTY! No ordering! No wait!
  • Stag Shop goodies for every guest!
  • Bonus gift and gift certificate for the host/hostess!
  • You can request certain items you would like us to bring. We will accommodate where possible.
  • Learn while you’re having fun! Your representative is knowledgeable about every product they bring and will be able to answer your questions on the spot!
  • Cash, Debit, and Visa/Master Card/Amex credit payments accepted.
  • $300 deposit required on booking (this will be refunded at the end of the party if the guests spend more than $300 collectively as a group the night of the party).
  • Deposit must be made via credit card or cash in order to book the party a minimum of 14 days prior to the intended party date.
  • A home party representative from Stag Shop will contact you once your deposit is received to confirm the date and location of the party.
  • Pick your own theme! Stag Shop caters to all guests and can provide a fun and exciting theme for your guests or you can discuss one with your representative to customize the party to your liking.
  • Each guest will receive small Stag Shop goodies for attending your party.
  • The host/hostess will receive a gift, as well as a gift certificate to use on their next store visit equal to 10% of the amount his/her party spends the night of the party (before tax).
  • We require minimum 2 weeks notice to book a home party. Please note, we cannot guarantee to host a party. Party confirmation is dependent on location, staffing and advance notice. We cannot accommodate for last minute requests or events.