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Stag Shop continues to enhance sex-positive attitudes and sexual well-being since 1972. The Horea family started the Stag Shop business at 7 King Street in Waterloo, Ontario in 1972 under the name "Stag Novelties' Books". Stag Shop's first location offered a diverse range of gag gifts, novelties, and mild sexual aids. The first Stag Shop location also built a reputation for carrying a wide range of beautiful Halloween costumes. In fact, crowds of customers would line up to get a peek at the store's new costume offerings during the Halloween season. While Stag Shop still maintains its reputation for carrying a bevy of Halloween costumes, they are now known for carrying so much more.
The orginal Stag Shop store
Peter Horea inside the orginal Stag Shop store
Peter Horea inside the orginal Stag Shop store
Peter Horea inside the orginal Stag Shop store
Stag Shop has made phenomenal leaps since the Horeas first started growing their business and branding the Stag Shop name in Waterloo, Ontario. The next generation of Horeas have worked aggressively to continue the Stag Shop legacy and grow the Stag Shop brand. With its family origins, Stag Shop maintains an integral family approach in its daily operations..
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The public taboos against sexy novelties made progress difficult for the Horea family when they first began, but they persisted in their belief that sexy meant fun. Through their determined effort, the Horeas created an environment that is pleasant and tasteful.
Stag Shop Logo From 1972
Stag Shop Logo From 2003
Stag Shop Logo From 2012
Stag Shop Logo From 2013
Today, the Horea family have built an empire of adult fun stores and continue to offer a comfortable and convenient shopping experience for everyone.

Stag Shop Headquarters

In 2005, the company's Headquarters and warehouse relocated to a 32,000 square foot facility. In 2017, the company relocated again with growing demands to a bigger 50,000 square foot facility. All twenty-eight store locations and the company's online shopping business are managed from this facility

Stag Shop Headquarters
1170 Franklin Blvd.
Cambridge, ON
N1R 7J2

Stag Shop's executive team work together to develop new ways to improve customer service, educate Stag Shop staff and implement marketing campaigns to improve service to Stag Shop customers.