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Enhance your sexual well-being!

Here at Stag Shop, it's important to us that you reach your maximum potential in safely expressing your sexuality. We believe that gaining knowledge in your sexual interests plays a big part in achieving that goal. That's why we've created our Stag Shop University classes! Feel free to take as many as you like (they're free!). Each class is designed for beginners and contains helpful information to give you a better understand of what you can expect while trying something new. The classes will also list relevant products that could help you get started on your journey of sexual expression. And of course, we're here for you! If you have any questions regarding these topics, or using products, our staff will be happy to provide additional information.

Physical copies of the pamphlets for these classes are available free in store, or you can have it shipped to you with the purchase of any product online. Each class will have an option to add the class to your cart if we still have it in stock.