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Anal play can be a great way to spice things up! In order to become a booty connoisseur, here are some of the parts you should be familiar with before beginning:

Anatomy Lesson:

Click or tap on the label below to see where it's located in human anatomy!


Anal Canal


Sphincter Muscles

A diagram of the anus and its interior.


This is the opening of the anal canal from the outside of the body (your “butthole”).

Anal Canal

The first 2.5-3.5cm (1-1.5 inches) of textured ‘tube’ running from your anus towards your rectum in which you will find dense pockets of nerve endings.


Attaches the anal canal to the colon. It is approximately 15cm (6 inches) long, though its shape changes and flexes as it fills and empties. It creates the ‘space’ or ‘cavity’ you feel when inserting an object into the anus larger than a few inches.

Internal/External Sphincter Muscles

The sphincter muscle is a long, ringed muscle that folds over on itself (creating the internal and external distinction) that lays on the outside of the anal canal. The internal muscles contract involuntarily while the external muscles can be clenched and released at will. The internal sphincter muscles can contract randomly and with extreme force, and are the reason all anal toys need to have a stopper at their ends to prevent them from being pulled inside the body.

The most important thing to remember with any type of anal play is to take your time! Rushing can take away the pleasure of the experience and also lead to injury. There shouldn’t be any pressure to produce an orgasm the first time you try and everyone should be relaxed and comfortable.

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Toys & Accessories

There are a wide variety of toys you can use to enhance your fun. You will see three main types of anal toys: plugs, beads, and probes.


Plugs, usually shaped something like a spade on a deck of cards, come in a variety of materials and sizes. Anal plugs are the best option for gradual ‘stretching’ of the anus, the goal of which is often to make anal sex easy and painless. Once lubricated and inserted to the ‘hilt’ (where the base of the plug attaches to the stopper) the stopper should rest comfortably outside the body to prevent the sphincter muscles from pulling it inside. They can be worn for longer periods of time if you choose, but this isn’t necessary. Ideally you select a plug that has a tapered shape (that is to say it is wider at the bottom than t is at the top) that is slightly larger than what you can comfortably assume you could insert at the present moment. This will create a mild and gradual stretching of the skin which with practice will become comfortable through the development of muscle memory. Vibrating plugs can provide a pleasurable sensation during stretching by stimulating the nerve endings close to the entrance of the anal cavity, although this may be overwhelming for someone new to anal play. Once the plug is removed, the anus returns to its original shape and size (you do not stay ‘stretched out’). The next time you use the plug, the muscle memory is activated and each time it will become a little easier to insert without resistance.


Beads typically consist of a series of balls on some sort of ‘string,’ often graduating in size, with a stopper or handle on one end. They also come in a variety of materials and sizes. Beads are not designed for stretching, so when selecting the right one for you, choose a size that you could comfortably insert at the largest point. Beads are designed for pleasure, and create amazing sensations when being both inserted and removed. Their best use is for orgasm enhancement. Lubricate and insert them gently into your partner’s booty up to the stopper or handle, and then stimulate your partner to orgasm (try sex, a blowjob or handjob, and leave the beads alone while you do this). When your partner is about to orgasm, gently and slowly pull the beads out during their climax. Each bead will bump the highly sensitive nerve endings on its way out, maximizing your partner’s orgasmic potential for an intense and amazing finish!


The purpose of a probe is inherent in its name: it is designed to probe or ‘search’ for particular pleasure points in the anal canal. Probes often present as a small-to medium sized finger-like toys with a curve at the end. This curve is what makes them so good at what they do; finding those hidden pleasure buttons and pushing them! Using the handle to ‘steer’ the probe, the toy can be manipulated in different directions to locate the main pockets of nerve endings in the anal canal and to stimulate them with light pressure. Probes are available in a vibrating variety and like plugs should only be used once your partner is comfortable, but vibration can be an amazing sensation to both men and women.

Anal Lubricants

Thicker and longer-lasting then their counterparts, anal lubes provide the necessary slipperiness for safe and fun play. Choose a water-based jelly or gel for toy play and apply liberally; the wetter the better! Be sure to stop and add more lubricant if at any point you feel dry or chafed.

Anal Numbing Agents

Usually containing small amounts of either benzocaine or lidocaine, these products temporarily numb the area so no pain is felt during penetration. A word of caution: not being able to feel pain also means not being able to feel pleasure, and not being able to sense if damage is being done. Anal numbers are only appropriate for experienced anal play enthusiasts.


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