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We value what you value

Our people are the reason we have such a strong brand, are able to offer such exceptional customer service and continue to move forward as an organization. Like most companies, we have values. Our values let our customers know what they can expect every time they purchase a product from Stag Shop or attend an event. Our values also let you know exactly what you’ll get out of a career here. Our values are at the root of everything we do as a company and everything you’ll do when you join us.


Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success
As the personal face of Stag Shop to our customers and in our communities, our employees accept responsibility for demonstrating our true commitment to the highest standards. We build loyal, long-term relationships with our customers and neighbors by treating them fairly, meeting their needs and earning their trust. These relationships, sustained by personal honesty and integrity, are the foundation of our success.

Customer Service

We treat our customers like #1 and that’s why we’re #1 in our industry
We maintain an uncompromising focus on customer service. Customers seek out – and stay with – Stag Shop because our people believe in and deliver courteous, knowledgeable and personalized service every day. Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations.


Our company is a fun and friendly place where teamwork rules
We work hard to meet our goals for growth and success, but we work just as hard to keep our workplace enjoyable. We are known for our enthusiasm, competitive drive, and team spirit. As we continue to grow, we understand we can best fuel the competitive success of the entire company with a workforce that’s upbeat, motivated, and highly committed to each other’s success.

Work Ethic

We work hard to provide our customers with outstanding service
A strong work ethic is essential to Stag Shop achieving its goals. Every employee, from the CEO to entry level workers, have a good work ethic that keeps Stag Shop functioning at its peak. Stag Shop rewards commitment personally, professionally and financially by providing employees with many different career opportunities.


Our goal is to always honor our customers, staff, community and suppliers
Integrity is about doing what is right. At Stag Shop we hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard so that we can provide our customers with better service, better prices, and a better selection of quality products. The safety and security of our staff and customers is one of our top priorities and we strive to provide a safe environment for working and shopping.


We strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time
Stag Shop is a “local” company and has a presence in many neighborhoods. We generate tax dollars through sales and employment, create meaningful jobs that generate significant income and benefits for employees and their families, and much more. We realize we owe our success to the support of the people who live in those communities and who do business with us. That’s why we are committed to involving ourselves in the support of worthwhile endeavors in cities where we operate our businesses.


Great things happen when we listen and communicate ... to our customers and to each other
We have learned that when we truly listen to our customers and understand their needs, they lead us to opportunities – from little ways to serve them better to new lines of products that open up exciting growth prospects for our company. At Stag Shop, we understand that an open and respectful exchange of ideas is critical to maintaining our high standards for service and personal success.


Our doors are open
Stag Shop strives to reach people of all backgrounds by; serving existing customers and winning new ones, developing our current employees and attracting new talent, and identifying and employing a diverse range of service providers. We respect the many differences that make each of us unique and know that these differences help to advance our success.

Our Brand

Our brand is the most valuable thing we own
We do business everyday as if our success depends on our company’s good name – because it does. Our reputation is our most precious asset. We are a company built by our people. That makes each employee an owner of our brand, with the power to advance our position in the marketplace, one customer at a time.