Bathmate - HydroDouche Advanced Shower Douche System

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Bathmate - HydroDouche Advanced Shower Douche System

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Product description

Channeling the ingenious, user-friendly and incredibly effective design is the Bathmate's Hydrodouche.

It is a fantastically well-equipped, premium cleansing system created for perfect ease of use and incredible durability. A crystal clear plastic chamber is at the core of the HydroDouche. This extra firm receptacle attaches to shower fixtures with an included mounting bracket. It can be hung from just about anywhere courtesy of an adjustable nylon strap. Sturdy threaded connectors allow for quick and easy assembly. Simply attach the extra long translucent hose to the bottom of the chamber, positioning the flow regulator within easy reach before connecting the Hydro Wand. Once filled with water, the hose will easily conduct the liquid through the Wand, which is long and sleek.

This supple probe was obviously designed for pleasure as well as effectiveness because it's wonderfully far-reaching and features three perforations positioned evenly at the tip. Clamp the regulator to control the speed at which water is expelled. The extra hardy plastic piece uses simple friction-fit. It is a gravity fed system so it requires no pumping or squirting. Just let gravity do the hard work for you. The Hydrodouche utilizes only the best materials and build quality to satisfy all your douching needs. Not only is it simple to use, it has also been proven to be very effective. It is amazingly controllable as you can control the power of the water stream. It also feels relaxing and extremely comfortable as the water streams to cleanse the area. Not to mention that keeping your product clean and hygienic was top priority.

The nozzle of the douche can be removed for easy cleaning and sterilizing. Now you can shower and cleanse at the same time with Bathmate leading the way in innovation. Completely designed with the innate understanding of the human body. With an extra-long, flexible multi-direction nozzle, it offers a 360 degree clean and is suitable for both shallow and deep cleansing. This incredible product can be used for both men and women. If you want to have clean fun and great sex you need this hydrodouche. Complete, extremely detailed instructions and usage tips are included with the Hydrodouche, along with a large travel bag that easily holds the full system. The Hydrodouche and all its components are made of skin safe, medical grade materials. Not to mention it is covered by the Bathmate lifetime warranty.

Materials, Safety & Texture 

Material: Plastic, Polycarbonate 
Colours: Black, Clear 
Texture: Smooth 
Safety Features: Phtalate Free, Latex Free

Size, Shape & Fit 

Length: 10.5 inches 
Insertable Length: 9 inches 
Canal diameter: 2.8 inches 
Internal Length: 8 inches 
Vessel/Chamber capacity: 550 ml 
Chamber height: 22 cm 
Hose length: 2 m 
Hydro wand length: 32 cm 
Strap length: 110 cm 

Douche System includes:
- Adjustable securing strap 
- Mounting bracket/Hydro Wand holder 
- Hydro chamber 
- Chamber connector 
- Hose 
- Flow regulator 
- Hydro Wand connector 
- Hydro Wand 
- Lubricant gel

How to use your Hydrodouche in 4 easy steps: 

1) Hang the Hydrodouche from your shower using the reinforced strap 
2) Fill the chamber with water 
3) Using the flow regulator to set your desired stream speed 
4) Always remember to place the wand to the wand holder when not in use to keep it away from contaminates 

SKU: 5060140204800

  • Insertable Length: 9.0"
  • Materials: Polycarbonate
  • Special Features: Phtalate Free, Latex Free

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