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What The Gräfenberg?

The mysterious Gräfenberg Spot, or ‘G-spot’, is the female erogenous zone located on the anterior interior vaginal wall. While its existence and exact design and function are a constant topic of debate, what can be agreed upon by most women is that there is incredible orgasmic potential if you stimulate this area the right way! Because of its location, the G-spot is easy to miss if you don’t know exactly where to find it, so let’s identify the main parts of interest:

A diagram of female anatomy showing the location of the pubic bone, the g-spot, and the anterior/interior vaginal wall.


The vulva is the generic term used to describe the genital anatomy of a female. The word ‘vagina’ actually refers only to the internal stuff.


References all the interior anatomy of the vagina; in particular the vaginal canal which houses the G-spot which is made up of smooth muscle tissue and a thin layer of moisture-rich cells that self-lubricate when aroused.


Located about 1.5 – 3 inches inside the upper front wall of the vaginal canal (between about 11 and 1 o’clock if you were looking straight at the pubic mound). You can identify the G-spot by the texture of the bumpy flesh, since the surrounding area is all smooth.

There shouldn’t be any pressure to produce an orgasm the first time you try and everyone should be relaxed and comfortable. As the G-spot is located in a very fleshy area of the vaginal canal, some women will need to spend more time on foreplay than others to achieve arousal. Remember, this is perfectly normal. When selecting the best toy for your G-Spot play experience, you will see 2 main types: curved vibrating and non-vibrating penetration toys.

When beginning your journey to G-spot bliss, understand it will take time to learn how you or your partner prefer to be touched.

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Vibrating Toys

Vibrators are the most common types of toy because of their simple and efficient design. They produce a high frequency movement or vibration which when pressed against the G-spot creates an extremely pleasurable sensation. You can find vibrators in many different colours, sizes, and materials. Many have variable speed settings so you can adjust the intensity of the vibration to suit your exact needs. This is a particularly important feature to look for in your first G-spot toy as you won’t likely know right away exactly how much pressure and speed you need to achieve orgasm.

One thing almost all G-spot toys have in common is a slight curve at the insertion end of the toy. This is to make accessing the G-spot easier since it is located on the anterior upper wall of the vaginal canal (which is difficult to access with a straight toy). Using a curved toy means less pressure and force is needed to reach the right spot. You will know if you’ve found the right spot as you will become ‘wet’ or aroused, and with pressure you may even notice a feeling similar to the need to pee. Despite the feeling to urinate, continue to stimulate the area, changing the amount of pressure you apply, the speed of the toy and the angle you apply it at, until you achieve orgasm.

It may take a few tries to figure out exactly what you like, but the more you practice the easier it will be to hit that climax! If your partner is controlling the toy, be sure to communicate with them (using words like faster, slower, harder, softer, etc.) to guide them along. Remember, the G-spot is not as readily accessible as the clitoris, or as sensitive. For most women, G-spot orgasms take 4 to 5 times the effort to achieve, so patience is a must! Don’t expect to achieve an orgasm the very first time you try a G-spot toy, and be sure to use lots of lubricant so you can continue your play sessions without interruption due to dryness or chafing.


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Non-Vibrating Toys

Non-vibrating G-spot toys are toys that rely on the use of pressure rather than friction, and really allow the user to fine-tune their movements for precise stimulation since every sensation is self-driven. Still curved, these toys should be lubricated generously and can be used in conjunction with G-spot stimulant gels for extra stimulation. G-spot stimulant gels cause the G-spot tissue to swell and increase in size, making it easier to find and stimulate, and also usually accompany a warming or buzzing sensation to heighten your awareness of the area. This makes it easier to concentrate on the good feelings created by stimulation and therefore make orgasm more likely.

Some toys, such as those made of glass, can even be gently heated or cooled to make the experience even more fun! Apply a small amount of your favourite stimulant gel to the head of the toy and insert it a few inches inside the vaginal canal, trying to locate the textured flesh of the G-spot. If you have difficulty finding it, you can always use your fingers first, and then follow with the toy. Once you’ve located the G-spot, start with slow, even strokes in and out and apply mild upward pressure. As you become more aroused, apply slightly more pressure and speed with the toy until orgasm is achieved. Some women also enjoy having their clitoris stimulated simultaneously and report having deep, intense orgasms from the effect of double-stimulation, while other women may find it overwhelming.

As with a vibrating toy, you may sense the need to pee while stimulating your G-spot as it is located directly beneath the urethra and bladder muscle. This is normal and is nothing to worry about! If you think you will be concerned to the point of distraction, just make sure to urinate before you start your session to take the pressure off. If your partner is controlling the toy, be sure to communicate with them (using words like faster, slower, harder, softer, etc.) to guide them along.


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