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The C-Spot

The clitoris, or C-spot, is the female erogenous zone that packs the most punch! It contains thousands of tiny nerve endings concentrated onto an area the size of a pencil eraser, making it one super sensitive hot button. Because of its size, the clitoris is easy to miss if you don’t know exactly where to find it. Since every female’s vulva looks a little different, let’s identify the parts. Click or tap on the part names below to see where they're located.

Anatomy Lesson:

Click or tap on the label below to see where it's located in human anatomy!


Clitoral Hood


Labia Majora

Labia Minora

A diagram of the vulva.

The Vulva

The vulva is the generic term used to describe the genital anatomy of a female. The word ‘vagina’ actually refers only to the internal stuff.

Clitoral Hood

The clitoral hood is a small flap of skin that covers the highly sensitive clitoris and protects it, similar to the foreskin on a penis. It retracts when the female is aroused to expose more of the clitoris. The hood can be different sizes on different women, and it is common to have to lift the hood to expose the clitoris in some cases.

The Clitoris

The clitoris is actually near 7 inches long in its totality, but most of its size is located beneath the skin on the inside of the body. It is shaped something like a wishbone, with the ‘head’ being about the size of a pencil eraser. This head is the only part of the clitoris that is visible on the outside of the body, resting beneath the hood and at the apex of the labia (where they meet at the superior end of the vulva).

Labia Minora

Often referred to as the ‘lips,’ the labia minora are the inner set of two lips which attach along either side of the vulva, ending superiorly at the clitoris and inferiorly the perineum. They can be a darker or lighter colour than the rest of the skin around them and vary in length depending on the woman.

Labia Majora

These are the ‘outer lips,’ cushioning the labia minora. They begin at the terminus of the inner thighs and end at the labia minora, making them the ‘plushy’ area on either side of the vulva.

Be Patient

When beginning your journey to C-spot bliss, understand it will take time to learn how you or your partner prefer to be touched. There shouldn’t be any pressure to produce an orgasm the first time you try and everyone should be relaxed and comfortable. As the clitoris is super sensitive, you will want to start with light, slow contact. Too much pressure or speed at the beginning will be abrasive and counterproductive.

Remember, it’s not a race to the finish line! When selecting the best toy for your C-Spot play experience, you will see two main types; vibrators (including gyrators or hummers) and tongue simulators or ‘flickers.’

3 Stars


Vibrators are the most common types of toy because of their simple and efficient design. They produce a high frequency movement or vibration which when pressed against the clitoris creates an extremely pleasurable sensation. You can find vibrators in many different colours, sizes, shapes and materials. Many have variable speed settings so you can adjust the intensity of the vibration to suit your exact needs. This is a particularly important feature to look for in your first C-spot toy as you won’t likely know right away exactly how much pressure and speed you need to achieve orgasm. Gyrators or hummers are a vibrator that produces a lower frequency vibration similar to a ‘shaking’ motion that is different than their higher frequency cousins. As a result, the vibration feels much ‘harder’ and produces more of a thudding feeling.

Once you’ve chosen a toy, you should then find a comfortable position that leaves your hands free (many women prefer to lay on their backs in bed) or your partner’s hands free (they could lay next to you). Using a clean hand, gently lift the labia and clitoral hood up to expose the clitoris by placing your index and middle finger on either side of your labia minora and lifting upwards (towards your belly button). Turn the toy on and press it very lightly against the clitoris – if the sensation is too intense, either turn the speed setting down lower on the toy or release the clitoral hood and try pressing the toy against the clitoris through its hood. You will know if you’ve found the right spot as you will become ‘wet’ or aroused. Continue to do this, changing the amount of pressure you apply, the speed of the toy and the angle you apply it at, until you achieve orgasm. It may take a few tries to figure out exactly what you like, but the more you practice the easier it will be to hit that climax! If your partner is controlling the toy, be sure to communicate with them (using words like faster, slower, harder, softer, etc.) to guide them along.


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