It's Shockingly Fun!

Introduction to Electrosex

Electrosex - using electric current for sexual stimulation - is no trick but in fact a naughty and shocking treat! Originating and popularizing within the BDSM community, erotic electro-stimulation (or EES) has actually been around for a while and is becoming a new trend.

Electrostimulation (or e-stim) has already been seen in the medical field to treat chronic pain and rebuild muscle strength. One day, someone had the idea to try out the stimulation...a little more below-the-belt, and voila! Electric shocks so stimulating it could bring you to orgasm! Curious yet?

Safety First

If you’re interested in trying out electrosex, there are some safety considerations to keep in mind. As with many BDSM activities, a safe word should be discussed beforehand to ensure the safety of players and an automatic STOP to the play when necessary.

There are many different toys on the market specifically designed to help you explore the world of erotic electrostimulation. Created with different electrodes and a safe amount of voltage, these toys were specifically intended to send electric current to the most intimate of areas. Therefore, be sure you are looking for and using ONLY toys or devices that were made for sexual stimulation and DON’T try to make your own!

Keep the electrifying fun away from the heart & cardiorespiratory system; the heart is particularly sensitive to electrostimulation and could lead to serious heart issues. The type of skin electrostimulation is being used on can also affect the level of sensation. Thick, dry pieces of skin (for example thighs, butt, calf) are the least sensitive, and larger areas of flesh involved in the current means less intense stimulation. Speaking of hearts, you should NOT try erotic electrostimulation of any kind if you:

  • Have a heart condition or pacemaker
  • Are pregnant
  • Are epileptic
  • Have broken or irritated skin where you intend to apply the electrodes.

As with any electronic device, do not use electrosex devices in or around water. Water-based lubricants are okay to use with e-stim toys, however, avoid using silicone-based lubes as silicone is an insulating ingredient. An electro-conductive gel is an electrosex accessory you should want to use! This gel evenly spreads out the stimulation and helps to improve the contact between the electrodes and your skin.

Not As Scary As You Think

Although electric current can sound scary, our bodies are constantly using electric impulses to send information from the nerves to the brain and vice versa. It is because of these electrical impulses that we can feel anything - especially pleasure. Electrosex is simply concentrated electric impulses to a certain part of the body, specifically and usually, the genitals.

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It feels like...Watt!?

Contrary to popular belief, electrosex isn’t painful - unless you want it to be. Since most E-stim devices & toys come with remote controls, all the power is in your (or a partner’s) hands. Electrosex can feel like a faint tingle, a strong vibration, throbbing pulsations, or even a sharp prickling - all depending on the devices’ power settings.

A yellow icon of a electricity hazard.

How it works

The electric current (or electrodes) shock the nerve endings under the skin, which makes them more alert and ultimately, more sensitive to ANY kind of touch or stimulation. It can also increase blood flow to the area, making the genitals more engorged and the nerves even MORE heightened! With the right amount of e-stim to the super sensitive nerve endings in the genitals, it can cause orgasm as any sex toy or manual stimulation does. However, the amount of voltage that is actually passing through to the genitals is generally quite low and ultimately, up to you!


As electrosex becomes increasingly popular, more and more different kinds of toys are being released, all with electro-stimulation potential! Some different electro-stimulation sex toys currently on the market can be seen as:

  • Cock rings & cages
  • Vibrators
  • Kegel Exercisers
  • Wands
  • Stimulator power pack kits
  • Anal Toys
  • Masturbators
  • BDSM tools like pinwheels etc.
  • Gloves

A good starting toy, however, is just a basic all-in-one stimulator power pack kit! These bad boys come with everything you need to start your electrosex adventure. Use the pads to experience e-stim directly on the genitals & other erogenous zones, while the power pack lets you explore with the varying levels of electrodes. Once you become comfortable (and/or bored) with the sensations, try it out with an E-stim toy!


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