The P-Spot

Beginners Guide To
Prostate Play

The Back Door

Prostate play is a great way to boost your bedroom game to new heights! A prostatic orgasm is felt deeper in the body and more intensely than a penile orgasm. Prostate play is also great for men’s health. Before we begin, let’s get familiar with the parts involved:

  • Anus

    This is the opening of the anal canal from the outside of the body (your “butthole”).

  • Anal Canal

    The first 2.5-3.5cm (1-1.5 inches) of textured ‘tube’ running from your anus towards your rectum in which you will find dense pockets of nerve endings.

  • Rectum

    Attaches the anal canal to the colon. It is approximately 15cm (6 inches) long, though its shape changes and flexes as it fills and empties. It creates the ‘space’ or ‘cavity’ you feel when inserting an object into the anus larger than a few inches.

  • Prostate

    Attaches the anal canal to the colon. It is approximately 15cm long, creating the ‘space’ or ‘cavity’ you feel when inserting an object into the anus larger than 5cm.

A diagram of the male anatomy showing the location of the prostate, rectum, anal canal, and the anus.

Start Slow

The most important thing to remember with any type of anal play is to take your time! Rushing can take away the pleasure of the experience and also lead to injury. There shouldn’t be any pressure to produce an orgasm the first time you try and everyone should be relaxed and comfortable. One common misconception about prostate play is that having or maintaining an erection during play is indicative of pleasure… It isn’t! Some men will become hard during prostate massage and some won’t.

Communication is key: Check in often with your partner about what they are feeling. One thing you will need for the best experience is a good lubricant. While there are thousands of varieties available, some are more suitable for prostate play than others. Generally speaking, a thick, water-based lubricant is the easiest choice for use with prostate toys. Thick lubricants, often labelled “Anal Lubricant” or “Jelly,” tend to stay in place longer when applied to a toy instead of dripping off like their thinner counterparts.

Choose Your Tools

You will see three main types of toys designed for prostate play – probes, beads and pegging strap-ons. Each type is designed to do something different. For information on pegging strap-ons, check out our Stag Shop University “Harness Your Pleasure.”

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Two outlines of P-Spot toys. One anal plug and one set of anal beads.


The purpose of a probe is inherent in its name: it is designed to probe or ‘search’ for particular pleasure points in the anal canal. Probes often look like a small-to-medium sized finger-like toy with a curve at the end. This curve is what makes them so good at what they do – finding those hidden pleasure buttons and pushing them! Like all anal toys, probes should have some kind of stopper at the back end to prevent the sphincter muscles from pulling them too far into the anal cavity, and this stopper is often used as a handle in the case of probes. Using the handle to ‘steer’ the probe, the toy can be manipulated in different directions to locate the prostate and to massage it with light or varied pressure. Unlike the rest of the anal canal which is highly textured, the prostate is easy to identify from its super smooth feel.

Communication is key here. Some people prefer a light touch while others prefer a more heavy-handed approach. What happens if your partner gets frisky during prostate play or if you’re playing solo? There are some probes that are designed with the ‘stick it and forget it’ design. These probes are inserted in the traditional way up to the hilt, and then left in during intercourse or masturbation. The clenching of the butt muscles that naturally occur during intercourse force the probe to do the massaging all by itself! Probes are also available in a vibrating variety which should only be used once your partner is comfortable, but vibration can be an amazing sensation for men and add to the explosive quality of their orgasm!


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Beads typically consist of a series of balls on some sort of ‘string,’ often graduating in size, with a stopper or handle on one end. They also come in a variety of materials and sizes. When selecting the right one for you, choose a size that you could comfortably insert at the largest point. Their best use is for orgasm enhancement. Lubricate and insert them gently into your partner’s booty up to the stopper or handle, and then stimulate your partner to orgasm (try a blowjob or handjob, and leave the beads alone while you do this). When your partner is about to orgasm, gently and slowly pull the beads out during their climax. Each bead will bump the highly sensitive P-spot on its way out, maximizing your partner’s orgasmic potential for an intense and amazing finish!


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