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Gender 101: What is Trans?

Gender identity is how we all see, perceive, and understand our own gender. We express this constantly with our choices such as; what we wear, hair removal, makeup, our hobbies, how we interact with others, etc. It is important to remember that our ideas about gender come from the culture and experiences that we were raised in, and this often shapes our own personal identity. Many people identify with and live as their biological sex, however that isn’t the case for everyone.

A cartoon of a gender-bread person.


An important part of being trans is having the outside match what is being felt on the inside, making presentation a key factor for many trans people’s identities. Not only just personal outward appearances but sexual appearances as well. It’s important to keep in mind that gender identity and sexual orientation although similar and related, are indeed two separate things.

While physical appearance is something many tend to get caught up in, sexual appearance is often overlooked for many although it is just as important. Most humans are sexual beings and our gender often influences our sexual activities as well, especially since they involve the genitals.

Note: We’re using medical terms for understanding, but we realize these terms don’t work for everyone.


Packers. Packers are a faux, limp penis that one can wear to create the look of a “penis bulge” as well as the look/feel of having a penis. Stag Shop currently carries Packer Gear, the Fun Boy and Mr. Limpy brand of packers that come in a variety of sizes as well as skin tones.

Packing Underwear:

Similarly, underwear that is snugger is preferable to be able to hold a packer securely in place. Any styles that feature a separate front pocket in the crotch also can work well to do this. Alternatively, a smaller or softer harness that can be worn under clothes will also hold a packer in. Stag Shop currently carries Packer Gear and Vac-U-Lock brands of packing underwear.

Chest Binders

A piece of fabric that compresses the chest to minimize the look and feel of breasts. Binders can be seen in the forms of tank top, crop top, vest, etc. However, ones that are a pullover as opposed to ones done up at the side are better and safer to use.

First aid icon.
Binder Safety

Sizing & Materials: - Ensure a proper binder is being worn, including the size, material, and style.

Never use an ace bandage or duct tape!!! - If it’s the wrong size - especially too tight - it can cause; pain, discomfort, fatigue, poor circulation, bruising, and even broken ribs.

Length Of Time: - Try to not wear a binder for longer than 8 hours at a time and it should definitely not be slept in! Most importantly, listen to your body - it knows when it’s had enough.

STP Devices

A device that allows someone born with a vulva to be able to pee standing up, similar to how someone with a penis does. There are a few different designs but they often feature a wide opening that narrows down to a tube-like design. Some designs act as a 2-for-1 where they are part packer as well as an STP device.

Chest Plates & Breast Forms/Bra Inserts

Chest plates & breast forms give the appearance of a preferred chest, with or without breasts. Bra inserts can be placed inside bra cups to fill them out and add volume. Be sure to check out our online store and/or our Church St. location in Toronto for selection! Safety: Ensure proper sizing for your body shape (for example, if you have broad shoulders, try a bigger breast form to balance it out.)


A gaff is a type of compression underwear that is used to flatten the appearance of the crotch area. An alternative to using a gaff is the method of “tucking” which involves a penis being tucked behind the body and usually taped up between the butt cheeks, providing a similar appearance of a flattened crotch area. Be sure to check out our online store and/or our Church St. location in Toronto for selection!

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Tucking Safety

Since tucking involves taping the penis and testicles down to the body in a specific way for an extended period of time, there are some important things to consider when tucking. You won’t be able to pee while you’re tucked, it can cause skin irritations, and in some extreme cases tucking can affect fertility.


Padding is something that can be done to shape the body in a different way. Padding can be used on the hips, butt, thighs, etc. to create a desired silhouette. Be sure to check out our online store and/or our Church St. location in Toronto for selection!

Wigs & Makeup

A more obvious one, wigs and makeup can be used to change the outer appearance to be more feminine, or to just create an ideal aesthetic appearance. Stag Shop currently carries a wide selection of wigs in different colours and hairstyles!

Gear Care & Tips

Depending on what you got, there may be some specific care and cleaning instructions involved to extend the life of your stuff! Here are some things to remember:

  1. How to clean them is often based on the materials they are made of. Stag Shop’s Toy Cleaner & Toy Powder can be used to clean Packers and keep them feeling soft and skin-like.

  2. Hormones can affect muscle mass and weight so depending on your own personal journey, you may need to be resized for certain gear at a later time.

  3. Test them out at home so you know how they feel and you can get used to it as well as test out how securely everything is being held into place.


Unfortunately, sex toys are often marketed as “for women” and/or “for men” and while this is a problem in itself, this can also make it difficult for trans folks to find toys that work for their body. When shopping for toys, try looking for products based on what they actually do, and not based on certain body parts. For example, just because a vibrator is marketed as a “G-Spot” one, doesn’t mean you can’t use it for anal play, clitoral play, etc. as it’s still just a vibrator! So think outside of the toy box and try getting creative so that your toys work for YOU!

Toys For Trans Folks


There are some strokers that are designed to fit the specific shape and meet the needs of a trans person. Someone born with a vulva who takes hormones will often see an enlargement to the clitoris, which can then be stimulated in even more ways! The Buck Off (a stroker designed specifically for FTM) was created by activist, porn star, and trans man Buck Angel, however, other smaller strokers also work well.

The Zoro Strap-On:

Unlike most other strap-ons, the Zoro, by Perfect Fit features an open area, under the penetrative piece, so that the person wearing the strap-on has their genitals exposed for stimulation!

Flexible Vibrators:

Vibrators that you can twist, fold, bend, etc. are malleable and can be tailored to fit your body, ensuring all of your sweetest spots are being hit

Unconventional Rabbits:

Rabbit toys (not the typical dual toys) like the Onyxxx Lulu & Mimi feature flexible and in the Mimi’s case, long ears that can surround and stimulate wherever you’d like!


Dilators are as much a sexual health tool as they are a sex toy. Dilators are often recommended by medical professionals for those recovering from vaginal reconstructive surgeries and can be used for various types of sexual play.


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