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10 Things You Need For Your Bachelor(ette) Party

If you’re throwing a bachelor(ette) party - whether for yourself or a friend - here are 10 things that you’re going to need.
April 17, 2024

1. Bride-to-Be Sash

Adorned with shimmering sequins & elegant calligraphy, this bride-to-be party sash is the ultimate accessory for the leading lady of the night. The sash is a classic bachelorette party staple, making her the focal point of the festivities while adding an extra touch of glamour!

2. Pecker or Boobs Cake Pan

Indulge in a sweet treat in the shape of the guest of honour’s preferred body parts…a penis or boobs! Whether adorned with X-rated fondant designs or simply with a dusting of powdered sugar (perfect for licking!), each cake easily becomes the centerpiece of all the naughty nibbles!

3. Pecker Piñata

Erect an element of surprise into the party with the pecker pinata! It's a full 18 inches long so you can fill it with lots of condoms, candies, rings, and toys that will make the girlies scramble and squeal with delight!

4. A Surprise Bag

Unlocking a world of mystery and delight, this 7 piece bachelorette surprise bag tantalizes with unexpected treasures. Each bag is full of curated gifts, ranging from novelty trinkets & games, to naughty party decor, all with the Bachelorette party vibe. They can be exchanged as party favors or be a gift for the Bride-to-be!

5. Group ID Stickers

Transforming ordinary party essentials into personalized keepsakes, these bachelor & bachelorette ID label stickers have a little something for everyone in your group!

Wear them out, mark your drink, or use them to label any party favours. With cheeky slogans and vibrant designs, they set the tone for an unforgettable night while jokingly reflecting the unique personalities of the bride and/or groom, and their entourage.

6. Who is the Biggest Pervert (or Slut!) Game

Kind of like an X-rated version of the classic "Never Have I Ever", Who Is The Biggest Pervert is the perfect way to make the party much more interesting.

A big pack of cards is included, each asking a personal, sexual, or downright blushingly embarrassing question. If one of the players has done the deed spelled out on the card, they have to drink. If no one drinks, the player holding the card has to double up on theirs!🥂

7. Boobs or Pecker Balloons

Inflate the fun with these various body part balloons that add a playful twist to the traditional bachelor(ette) decorations. Each package contains 6 balloons of either peckers or boobs that can serve as conversation starters, photo opportunities, or just some fun decor.

8. Adult Charades

Regular charades are fun, but Adult Charades will make you blow your... well, you'll see.😉

From suggestive gestures to dirty innuendos, each round challenges participants to unleash their creativity and quick thinking to guess the hidden (explicit) phrase.

9. Bra Flask

Savour every sip in secrecy with this discreet flask that fits snugly inside of a bra.
Each fun flask holds 4 ounces of your favourite beverage and keeps the celebration flowing seamlessly.

10. Truth or Dare Candy Game

This risque take on the classic “Truth or Dare” party game is a great way to learn more about your friends since it’s fun to play and sweet to eat!

If the candy reads “Truth”, you must answer a question truthfully from other participants. If the candy has a "Dare" phrase, you must complete it.


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