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Beginner Sex Toys!

If you’re a “beginner” to sex toys in general, this is the blog for you!

Things Everyone Should Know About BDSM

As BDSM becomes more mainstream, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything within the media is an accurate...

Incorporating Toys Into Partnered Sex

So, you want to try a sex toy together. Good thing Stag Shop is here to help you figure out...

Sex Toy Features & Functions 101

If you’re newer to sex toys in general and not really sure what kind of fun features and functions that...

What is Pet Play?

Are you curious about pet play and what it’s all about? A part of the BDSM world, keep reading to...

Sex Toy Shopping For a Partner

Not just something to be bought for yourself, sex toys also make great gifts for partners during the Holidays, on...

10 Types of Vibrators

Today, we’re going to be breaking down 10(!!) different types of vibrators.

Shopping Online vs In-Store

Hmmm, where to shop...on our website or in one of our 32 store locations!?

Beginner Anal Toys

It’s one of the juiciest months of the year...that’s right we’re talking about Anal August!

So You Want To Peg Your Partner?

If pegging is something you’d like to bring up with your male* partner, these pegging points may help to break...

6 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Blindfold

In addition to often being comfortable to wear, here are 6 reasons why everyone should own a blindfold!

Electrosex - It's Shockingly Fun!

Electrosex can provide new sensations that will have you tingling all over! Curious yet?

Anal Training Kits: Training Your Tushie

Here’s how to use an anal trainer kit to train that tushie!

What is Wax Play?

Warm each other up this winter with some seductive & sensual wax play!

A Beginner's Guide To Rope

If you're a rope bondage beginner, Stag Shop is here to teach you the ropes...literally with our beginner's guide to...

Sex Toys & Partners

Whether you’re a sex toy newbie or a toy aficionado, here are some helpful tips when it comes to toys...

FAQ's #1: Sex Toys 101

Today, we’re starting off the FAQ series with some of the sex toy basics!

A Guide to Masturbators & Sex Dolls

Pocket pussies, Fleshlights, sex dolls, oh my! With so many different types of pleasurable strokers, it can be hard (pun...

Toys For Nipple Play

If you love nipple play, then you’re going to love these toys all designed for nipple stimulation and pleasure.

Pros & Cons of Realistic Dildos With NS Novelties

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, realistic dildos are meant to provide its users with a more, well, realistic and life-like...

Biting the Bullet: Bullet Vibe Guide & Ideas

Not just for vulvas, here are 8 different ways you can use a bullet vibe!

Crops, Whips, Paddles - OH MY!

Would a flogger or a crop be more suitable for your next play session? To better understand impact toys, let’s...

Beginner BDSM Toys

Are you new to the BDSM scene? Not sure what to play with first? Here are some great beginner BDSM...

Self-Love Series: Best Masturbation Toys For Him

If you’ve got a penis and are looking for some new toys to play with this Masturbation Month, consider these.