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Anal Play Myths

As we begin another month-long booty celebration, let’s put some of those common anal play myths to rest.

Tips For Choosing a Butt Plug

There are many unique butt plugs to choose from. To help you get started, here are some universal tips to...

Why Use a Pussy Pump?

Tldr; because it can make your most sensitive bits even more sensitive!

The Truth About Anal Numbing

Tldr; there are some things you should *probably* know before you go numbing that booty!

Why Metal Toys Rock

Most often made from stainless steel, metal toys offer their own unique set of benefits and look pretty sleek while...

5 Myths About Vibrators

Today, we're doing some vibrator myth-busting!

So You Think You Know Condoms?

Between health class, parents, and your own experiences, you probably have learned some things about them...but how well do you...

Sex Toy Materials

If you don’t have any previous knowledge about sex toy materials, seeing the number of different ones can be overwhelming!