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Exploring Your Gender in Sex: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Have you ever thought about exploring your gender identity or expression through your sex?

2024 Pride Lookbook🌈

Ready to turn heads this year!? Here is our 2024 Pride Lookbook🌈

Last Month on YouTube...June/Pride Month 2023

Meet the fabulous cast from our June/Pride Month 2023 YouTube series!

Strap-on Harnesses We Love!

Are you looking for a strap-on harness that vibrates? Offers DP play? Glows in the dark?! Here are some of...

Trans Products Part 2: Female/Feminine

Feel your femininity with some of these items to help you to best present & express your gender!

Celebrate Pride Without The Party!

While some folks love a good party and/or parade, that isn’t the only way to celebrate Pride month amongst your...

What is Queer Sex?

Often left out of the conversation of sex altogether, what better time than Pride month to have the talk...the Queer...

Universal Masturbation Toys

Regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, all folks can use one of these types of toys for some spectacular...

Packers We Love! 🌈

If you’re ready to get packin’ with a new packer, here are some of our favourites!

Games For Queer Couples🌈

Celebrate Pride Month 2022 together with a sexy new game!

Pride Parade & Festival Lookbook

After a few years (thanks COVID), show up to the Pride festivities as fabulous as ever with some of these...

Pride-Themed Products🌈

Happy Pride 2022 from Stag Shop! Celebrate the season with some of these pride-themed & colourful products.

Happy Pride With Fun Factory!

Stag Shop & Fun Factory are here to wish you another happy Pride Month!

FAQ's #5: Strap-Ons

A popular toy among different types of couples, strap-ons can be confusing for some. Here are the answers to some...

Picking A Packer

Packers are a faux, limp penis that one can wear to create the look of a “penis bulge” as well...

5 Universal Sex Toys

Regardless of gender identity and/or sexual orientation, here are some universal toys that can be used by anyone!

Sex Toys & Partners

Whether you’re a sex toy newbie or a toy aficionado, here are some helpful tips when it comes to toys...

A Guide To Nipple Play

Regardless of gender, the nipples are known as an erogenous zone and contain lots of nerve endings; making them more...

Trans Products Part 1: Male/Masculine

Meet your most masculine self with some of these items to help you to best present & express your gender!

Toys For Queer Men

Calling all queer men! Did you know there were sex toys designed specifically for you!?

Toys For Queer Women

Calling all queer women! Did you know there were sex toys designed specifically for you!?

Happy Pride Month! More Than A Rainbow Flag

It’s June, and you know what that means - Pride Month!

Strap-Ons Shopping Guide

This blog post will take you through the different types of strap-ons as well as some tips and tricks when...