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Meet The Dripstick!💦

Cum and take a look at one of the newest sexual health items to arrive at Stag Shop; the Dripstick!

What is Fluid Bonding?

Have you heard of “fluid bonding”? Sex educator Emily breaks down what it is, why folks may or may not...

Anal Douches We Love!

Are you shopping for a new douche!? Not sure what to look for? Well, here are some of the anal...

Alternatives to Penetration

From medical to personal, there are a wide variety of reasons as to why someone may be looking for alternatives...

Sex Toy Cleaners We Love!

Toy cleaners are designed to effectively rid your toy of bacteria while preserving its life; here are a few of...

Why Dental Dams are so DAMN Great!

A lesser-known sexual health tool, here’s why dental dams are so DAMN great!

Anal Play Myths

As we begin another month-long booty celebration, let’s put some of those common anal play myths to rest.

Water Sex: What to Know Before Diving In

A summer fantasy for some and a travel must for others; what do you really know about water sex?

Get Naked!

July 14th is National Nude Day! Here is why we think you should celebrate the day in your birthday suit.

FAQ's #9: Kegel Toys

If you have questions about kegel toys, we have the answers!

Creative Spring Cleaning Tips!

It’s that time of year again, Spring Cleaning! Check out some of our creative cleaning tips!

5 Myths About Lube

Have you ever heard something about lubricants that made you question your slippery sidekick? We're here to come to the...

Different Types of Condoms

You most likely have heard about condoms, and you probably have even used a few before. But, did you know...

Benefits of Silicone Lubricant

If you haven’t tried a silicone lube yet, here’s why we think silicone lube should be added to your collection...

Why Use a Pussy Pump?

Tldr; because it can make your most sensitive bits even more sensitive!

Last Month on YouTube...Sexual Health Month!

Sexual Health & Wellness Products From kegel toys, to condoms, and even menstrual items, we show you some of the...

FAQ's #6: Penis Pumps

A common toy as well as sexual health tool, pumps are popular for many penis havers. Here are the answers...

How YOU Learned Your Sex Education

Over on our Instagram account, we asked YOU - our followers and customers - to share with us who or...

The Truth About Anal Numbing

Tldr; there are some things you should *probably* know before you go numbing that booty!

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys!

Big on the environment and your pleasure?! These types of toys offer sustainable alternatives and provide eco-friendly features to help...

Self-Love Series: Masturbation Myths

To kick off this year’s series, we’re doing some masturbation myth-busting!

Other Uses For Lube

Did you know that lube also has some other great benefits...not just for sex!?

Kegel Toys We Love!

If you were looking for a kickass new kegel toy, here are some of the ones here at Stag Shop...

Why Metal Toys Rock

Most often made from stainless steel, metal toys offer their own unique set of benefits and look pretty sleek while...