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5 Fun Facts About Stag Shop

For our birthday this year, we want you to get to know us just a little bit more!🥳
Emily Zawadzki
May 25, 2023

So here are 5 fun facts you may not have known about Stag Shop!

1. Our very first store location was in Waterloo, Ontario

waterloo store location

…and it's still there to this day!

2. We’re a family-led company

family news article

We originated as a little mom & pop shop that has now been taken over by the next generation, keeping us a small and family-led company.

3. We are proudly Canadian owned & operated

oh canada simpsons gif

Since the beginning, we’ve been Canadian, eh, and we currently continue to operate out of Cambridge, Ontario!

4. Most of our graphics are done in-house

headed south ssu graphic

Such as the “headed south” oral sex play graphic pictured above, all created by our amazing in-house graphics team!

5. Toronto is one of our most popular city locations

toronto 2 store location

We have 4 (!!!) different stores throughout the city...with one even in the village!🌈

BONUS - We have our very OWN line of sex toys too!