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Battery VS Rechargeable Sex Toys

One of the things that make sex toys so fun are motors. They are responsible for making your toy vibrate, rotate, suck, thrust, and more!
Emily Zawadzki
September 30, 2021

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One of the things that make sex toys so fun are motors. They are responsible for making your toy vibrate, rotate, suck, thrust, and more! That power has to come from somewhere though, and for most toys, it’s either from batteries or rechargeable technology.

While rechargeable technology has become an almost industry standard for current toys, battery-operated toys still serve their purpose. Both methods have their pros and cons for users that you may want to consider when purchasing your next motorized sex toy!


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Sex toys and tools that take batteries can take anything from the “normal” AA and AAA to some more obscure types like N, C or little LR44 (watch) batteries. Most (except for some LR44’s) also do not come included with the toy, so be sure to find out ahead of time which batteries your toy takes so you can be prepared to fire it up as soon as you get it!

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Battery-operated toys are often lower in price and because of this, they can help you to explore different toys and types of stimulation without breaking the bank. If you happen to have a stash of batteries on-hand, you’re also able to continue playing quicker after it dies as you simply have to change them rather than having to wait for the toy to charge.

Sex toys that require batteries typically offer a less powerful motor, with more buzzy vibrations rather than rumbly ones. This can be a pro or a con depending on what kind of stimulation you are looking for!


Since battery-operated toys are often at a lower price point, this can also mean lower quality materials as well as motors being used in the toy. This can unfortunately often result in it dying on you a lot quicker than a rechargeable one.


There are several different ways a toy can be charged from a magnetic cable, jack-pin cable, and charging stands. Many charging cords feature a USB on the other end & and can be plugged into any USB port (like your phone block) for convenience.

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Rechargeable toys typically offer better quality & stronger motors that can provide longer-lasting play sessions. They can come at a higher price point (especially depending on the type of other tech it features), however, they usually offer a better value in the long term. Rechargeable toys are also more eco-friendly rather than having to continuously buy and dispose of batteries.


Unfortunately, many brands do not sell the chargers to their products individually, meaning if you lose or damage your charger, you could lose the function of your toy altogether. Some can be contacted for a replacement charger, however that varies brand by brand and it may be harder to come by compared to some extra batteries.

Other Options:

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Some sex toys are still old school and are neither battery-operated nor rechargeable; they just straight-up plug into a wall the old-fashioned way! This however also makes them super strong!

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Other toys actually feature a disposable motor meaning it cannot be charged nor can the batteries be accessed to be replaced. You simply use it until it dies, then you throw it out!

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