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Better Tent Sex!

Sleeping in a tent is a summer staple for many people - but have you ever tried to have sex in one!?
Emily Zawadzki
August 28, 2020

Sleeping in a tent is a summer staple for many people - but have you ever tried to have sex in one!? There are many reasons as to why a tent doesn’t provide the best place to get down and dirty; even though you are literally down in the dirt.

Besides the mood already being set for you being out under the stars and all, here are some ways to make tent sex wayyyy better!

Consider Others

Many campsites don’t actually provide a whole lot of space between you and the campers next to you, so be considerate of others. As hot as it can be to know others could hear you, try to keep the noise level down by muffling moans with a pillow, a gag, or even some bondage tape!

Plan For The Mess

Stag Shop Misting Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

Sex can sometimes get a little messy so be sure you’re considering the clean-up part too; especially in small quarters like a tent! Bring a bag for any trash, use wet wipes, bring sanitizer, tissues, toy cleaner, etc.!

Use Protection...Against Bugs

Mosquitoes and bug bites are not fun, especially on your sensitive bits! Keep cautious and put on an extra layer of bug spray before you take your clothes off.

Make It Cozy

Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount Velvish Merlot

Many folks already don’t find a tent to be too comfortable, let alone for sex. Create a more comfortable space that is also easier for sexual activity with things like an air mattress, blankets, and pillows.

Upgrade your positioning and get creative with your tent space by using a Liberator or other type of sex pillow. These products are designed with a firmer material which strongly withholds its shape so that you won’t have to puff it up midway or add more to the stack to keep the perfect angle.

Beware Of Shadows

While sex with the lights on might be your preference, it might be a better idea to keep them off for tent sex - especially at night! Otherwise you could be putting on an unexpected silhouette sex show for whoever is out there.

Don't Forget Your Faves

Intimate Earth Oral Pleasure Glide 3mL

Just because you’re not at home, doesn’t mean you can’t use some of your favourite sex liquids like lubes or arousals. Many come in “sample” one-time-use packets for leak-free luggage which can then also be easily disposed of afterwards!

Think Of The Toys!

Stag Shop Dirty Little Secrets Toy Bag Black

Fear not, you don’t have to travel without your go-to sex toys! There are a few toy storage options - such as bags and boxes - that can not only keep them safe while tucked away at home, but also in your luggage. Many toys (especially vibrators) actually come with a storage bag included!