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Electrosex - It's Shockingly Fun!

Electrosex can provide new sensations that will have you tingling all over! Curious yet?
Emily Zawadzki
March 2, 2021

Electrosex - using electric current for sexual stimulation - is a shockingly fun treat for many! Commonly used within different aspects of BDSM play, erotic electro-stimulation (or EES) can provide new sensations that will have you tingling all over. Curious yet?

The History of Electrostimulation

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Electro-stimulation has already been seen within the medical field as a tool to treat chronic pain and rebuild muscle strength. Electrodes can be found in devices such as medical TENS and EMS units and work to effectively stimulate the nerves and/or induce muscle contractions.

It is important to note here that these medical devices are intended for well, medical purposes only and are not a suitable play item for electro sexual stimulation; there are lots of other safe toys to use these ones!

Not As Scary As You Think

Although electric current can sound scary, our bodies are constantly using electric impulses to send information from the nerves to the brain and vice versa. It is because of these electrical impulses that we can feel anything - especially pleasure.

Electrosex (also known as electro play, e-stim, or erotic electro-stimulation) is a way of stimulating the genitals with concentrated electric impulses, or electrical energy. It is common to wonder about the safety of e-stim, but rest assured that all toys designed for electrosex are typically allowed a minimal & safe amount of electricity to pass through them.

However, there are a few universal precautions to take:

  • Keep the play to below the waist only
  • Do not use if pregnant
  • Do not use if you have heart problems and/or a pacemaker
  • Do not use on broken or irritated skin

How It Works

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The electric current (or electrodes) shock the nerve endings under the skin, which makes them more alert and ultimately, more sensitive to any kind of touch or stimulation. It can also increase blood flow to the area, making the genitals more engorged and the nerves even MORE heightened!

With the right amount of e-stim to the super-sensitive nerve endings in the genitals, it can cause orgasm (aka an electro orgasm) just as any sex toy or manual stimulation does. However, the amount of voltage that is actually passing through to the genitals is generally quite low and ultimately, up to you!

It Feels Like...Watt!?

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Contrary to popular belief, electrosex isn’t painful - unless you want it to be. Since most E-stim devices & toys come with remote controls, the power is in all your (or a partner’s) hands. Electrosex can feel like a faint tingle, a tickle, a strong vibration, throbbing pulsations, or even a sharp sting - all depending on the devices’ power setting and how much you turn it up.