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FAQ's #2: Lubes & Liquids

Today, we’re getting messy with the FAQ series as we dive into lubes & liquids.
Emily Zawadzki
December 11, 2020

We get a lot of questions here at Stag Shop, and some seem to come up more often than others. So we thought we’d create the “Friday FAQ’s” series to roundup and help answer some of YOUR most frequently asked questions as customers!

Today, we’re getting messy as we dive into lubes & liquids.

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1. Is my lube okay to use with condoms?

For the most part, all lube types are compatible with latex condoms & dams, except for ones that are oil-based. The oil in them combined with friction can deteriorate the latex material, but water-based, silicone-based, and hybrid lubes should all be fine.

2. Can I use my massage oil for internal use and/or other sexual activities?

Kama Sutra Natural Massage Oils 8oz Assorted

Massage oil simply isn’t the same thing as a lubricant and most are only designed for external use meaning it should not be used internally or for penetration.

3. Is my lube okay to use with my toy?

There is a general rule here in the sex toy world that silicone lubes shouldn’t be used with toys made of silicone, as silicone bonds to itself and this can ruin the toy material over time. Here’s the thing though - it really depends! While it is true that some silicone lube can deteriorate silicone toys, it depends on the quality of silicone used in both. The better quality of silicone, the less likely it will ruin your toy!

While most other lube types should be fine, if you’re concerned or unsure about your lube, you can always do a spot test on an unimportant part of the toy (like on the back or near the bottom) to know for sure.

4. Can I numb my butt before playing so that it doesn’t hurt?

Intimate Earth Mojo Anal Relaxing Gel

While anal play can bring about different and sometimes uncomfortable sensations, anal play shouldn’t hurt! If you are feeling pain, it’s your body’s way of telling you to stop and switch something up - add more lube, go slower, try a smaller toy, etc.

Since our bodies use pain to communicate these things with us, it’s actually important to not numb the booty so that you can feel and adjust as you go. Some products use ingredients to help relax the muscles, which can be helpful for some and a better alternative to numbing.

5. Is flavoured lube actually okay to ingest?


Wicked Sensual Flavoured Lubricants

Yes! Flavoured lubes were specifically designed to be used during oral sex as they are water-based and completely safe to ingest orally. Lathered over the vulva, penis, or anus, they provide a yummy taste for the giver, while still pleasuring and adding more sensation for the receiver.