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FAQ's #8: Dildos

Dildos are a type of toy that can be used for penetration but that’s not all! Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about dildos!
April 29, 2022

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We get a lot of questions here at Stag Shop, and some seem to come up more often than others. So we thought we’d create the “Friday FAQ’s” series to roundup and help answer some of YOUR most frequently asked questions as customers!

Dildos are a type of toy that can be used for penetration but that’s not all! Many come with a variety of other special features too including vibration (some with a remote control), squirting, thrusting, rotating, flexibility/poseable options, and MORE!

For more information on all sorts of dildos, check out our shopping guide here!

1. Do all dildos look like a penis?

Fleshjack Boys Boomer Bank's Realistic Dildo & Blush Novelties AvantD14 Heart of Gold Silicone Curved Dildo

Realistic dildos can often be found in a variety of skin tones and sizes to best represent our diverse population, although they may not be for everyone. Penetration play can still be enjoyed with a variety of non-phallic dildos as well that can feature stimulating shapes, textures, and fun colours!

2. Can I use a dildo anally?

Evolved Love Harnessed Rechargeable Strap-on Dildo Purple

As long as it has a flared base (pictured above), then absolutely! Since the anal muscles can accidentally suck things into the rectum, this acts as a safety stopper. This is also how you know if a dildo is strap-on harness compatible or not. That same flared base is how an o-ring (used by most harnesses) secures the dildo into place.

3. How do I know which size to buy?

Doc Johnson The Realistic Cock Ultraskyn Dildo w/ Removable Vac-U-Lock Base Assorted Sizes & Colours

First of all, the size of something that is going inside of your body is going to be different for each person as it can depend on a few things. Where is it going to be going? For anal penetration (especially those newer to anal play), you might want to look for something smaller in both insertable length & width/girth. Alternatively, folks who know they enjoy a fuller feeling inside of them, take a look at some larger dildos!

Speaking of measurements, that’s the BEST way to know what you’re actually getting. Check the measurements provided either directly on the packaging or conveniently laid out on our website’s product pages under “specifications”.

Here’s how to properly measure a dildo & what the measurements mean:

  • Length” - how long the toy is from tip to bottom
  • Insertable length” - how much the dildo can be inserted into the body (not including suction cups, balls, etc.)
  • Width” - how wide the toy is at it’s widest insertable length (across the shaft)
  • Girth” - how big the shaft is all the way around (width/girth is pretty much exactly the same as the “diameter/circumference” we learned back in our school days)

4. How do I use a double-ended dildo?

Pipedream Dillio Realistic Double-Ended Dildo 12-inch Pink

A double-ended dildo can be used by any two people with any two orifices (mouths, asses, vaginas!) - so get creative with your use! Alternatively, for vulva havers, you can have double the fun all on your own and use one vaginally & anally together instead if made of a flexible material!

5. What does dual density mean?

Pipedream King Cock Elite Dual Density 7" Silicone Dildo Beige

Dual density” refers to a specific way that a dildo was constructed with the material (silicone is most common but it’s also available in other materials) so that the inner core of the shaft is firm enough for penetration and to withhold its shape, however the outer layer of the material (exterior) is softer, almost squishy. These types of toys provide a way to get the best of both worlds, a dildo that feels softer and more flexible, but sturdy enough for comfortable penetration!


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