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Fun With Crotchless Underwear

Not just your average pair of panties, let’s have some fun with crotchless underwear!
Emily Zawadzki
August 4, 2022

Coquette 21510 Crotchless Teddy OS

Just as they sound, crotchless panties are similar to your average type of underwear...except with the crotch part missing! Since basically any type of bottoms can be crotchless, they can be found in a wide variety of different styles including thongs, briefs, and even full bodystockings and teddies.

Not just for people with vulvas, they still provide easier access to the penis and sometimes the butthole too! Now, let’s have some fun with crotchless underwear.😉

1. Easy oral

Keep them on for your next oral sex session! Especially if you or your partner likes to incorporate lingerie into your play, it adds a visual treat as well. Even if you wanted to use a flavoured lube, it’s less likely to stain the underwear since most are water-based and washes off easily with water.

2. Masturbate

It’s always fun to switch up your masturbation routine, and it’s probably pretty unlikely that touching or using a toy on yourself through crotchless underwear has made it into your solo sessions…until now!

3. Out & about

If public play was your thing, wear a pair of crotchless underwear out and about underneath your regular clothes for a sexy secret and fewer clothes to get through if a quickie was on your mind!

If you’re sitting side-by-side with someone and somewhere less busy or you’re more hidden from others, under-the-table play is another option for a bit of an exhibitionist thrill!

Pro tip: If you are going to be wearing something crotchless out in public, try wearing them in the comfort of your own home first to at least get used to the sensation…so you know how to be discreet while you’re out and about!

4. Penetration play

Whether you enjoy penetration play with a penis or a dildo, solo or partnered, do it while wearing something crotchless! If you’re having sex with someone with a penis, it’s possible that they will be able to feel extra sensations from the fabric as they thrust in and out.