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Fun With Finger Vibes!

Finger vibes are smaller vibrators that are typically worn around the fingers, instantly turning your or someone else's hand into a vibrator!
November 27, 2020

They can provide good vibes both inside and outside of the body and their different textures can keep things stimulating. To get the most out of your little fingerific friend, here are some fun ways to play with finger vibes!

1. Solo Play

Evolved Fingerific Finger Vibrator Purple

As an alternative to holding your vibrator, try wearing it on your fingers instead! Many come with some sort of loop to slip onto a finger or two, taking the pressure off the rest of your hand and wrist.

Ideal for longer sessions, those with chronic pain, and/or for if strong vibrations become painful/numbing in your hands, they keep the vibrations exactly where you want them.

2. Combined With Oral

Adam & Eve Blue Dolphin Finger Vibe

Add the sensation of vibration to oral sex when you combine a finger vibe with your tongue! While you keep things wet and sensual (allowing the receiver to feel the vibes that much more), you can use your vibrating fingers to add pleasure wherever on the genitals as you go!

Pro Tip: Look for one with a flickering tip (which mimics the sensation of licking) to experience the feeling of more than one tongue or to role-play a threesome scenario!

3. Fingering

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe Pink/Silver

For folks who enjoy fingering and other types of penetration play, enhance your experience with a finger vibe! Keeping the size comfortably the same as your finger, they can add vibration as well as differently textured sensations as you move it in and out of the body.

Pro Tip: Try combining THIS with oral sex too!

4. All Over The Body

Evolved Fingerlicious Finger Vibe Blue

Not just for the vulva, use a finger vibe to tease & please other parts of the body too such as; the nipples, testicles, head/underside of the penis, perineum, and other erogenous zones.

Pro Tip: Restrain your partner first, then tease them even more by touching them all over with your vibrating fingers, without them being able to touch or move!


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