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Impact Toys We Love!

Impact toys are tools used to strike a playmate for fun! Here are some of the ones that we have been loving lately here at Stag Shop!

For The Beginner

Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger Black

If you’re newer to these types of toys in general, test out this flogger by Sportsheets which can be used for both hard and soft play options. It is made of faux leather and provides a good amount of strike length being 24 inches long. This flogger also offers a padded handle for comfort and grip.

For The Spanking Enthusiast

Shots Toys Pain Poly Cricket Paddle Black

Bend over for this thick and wide double-sided paddle by Shots Toys. One end is cushy for a softer spank while the other firm end provides a more painful slap. Made of real leather, this Poly Cricket paddle can easily take you from a spanking beginner to a paddling pro in no time!

Leave Your Mark

Ouch by Shots Toys SLUT Crop Black/Red

Literally...with impact toys that leave an impression! They are often seen as symbols and words, just like this “SLUT” crop from Shots Toys. It can leave a lasting impression on the body while the wrist loop handle provides you with comfort and a precision swing.

Feel The Sting

Kink By Doc Johnson The Stinger Electro-Play Wand

If you’re into electrosex play, feel the sting with this E-stim probe by Doc Johnson. A visible spark is paired with a light zap, making it perfect for training or teasing any submissive.

It has an intimidating sound to scare your sub that much more, but don’t worry the bark is worse than its bite! The Stinger also features a non-slip grip handle and offers a range of stimulating levels.

Fantasy Sensations

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Frisky Feather Duster Black

For play on the lighter side, a feather tickler such as this Frisky Feather Duster by Pipedream could be just what you need! It provides a more sensual and ticklish feeling rather than a painful one. It can also double as a staple accessory for any french maid role-playing situation.


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