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Last Month on YouTube...June/Pride Month 2023

Meet the fabulous cast from our June/Pride Month 2023 YouTube series!

What is Queer Sex?

Often left out of the conversation of sex altogether, what better time than Pride month to join sex educator Emily for the sex talk...the queer sex talk!

Celebrate Pride Month With These Pride Themed Products 🌈

We wanted to help you celebrate the season with some of these colourful, pride-themed products!

Meet the Cast:

Picking The Right Packer | A Beginners Guide To Packing

Are you new to packing? Join sex educator Emily to learn all about how to pick the perfect packer for you!

Meet the Cast:

Everything You Need To Know About Waterproof Toys | Friday FAQ's

We want you to be having all sorts of wet & wild fun, so join sex educator Emily to find out the answers to some of YOUR most frequently asked questions about waterproof toys!

Meet the Cast:


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