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Lingerie Terms, Explained

To make your lingerie shopping a little easier, here are some of our most common lingerie terms explained!
February 18, 2021


A one-piece style made of a skin-tight material (often fishnet or a sheer material) that is designed to cover most of the body.


Long sticks or “bones” found most often in corsets & bustiers that help to keep its firm shape. They are typically made of plastic or steel.


A soft bra without padding or underwire that provide light support to the bust.


Coquette 3839X Chemise Black/Lilac


A “half” type of bra cup that exposes most of the upper part of the breast.

Eyelash Lace

Coquette 7207X Lace Panty

A type of lace that features a fringe of vertical strands along the hemline.

Eyelet Detailing

Coquette 20213 Wet Look Vest Black OS

Where eyelets (the small, metal holes that are used for tying things) are used on the piece aesthetically as well as functionally.

Fishnet vs Fence Net

Coquette 1732 Fishnet Stockings Black & Coquette 1769 Stockings Red OS

While very similar, these are two different styles of stockings that depend on how the material is woven together. Fence net is a more stretchy & revealing fabric with bigger, diamond-shaped holes whereas fishnet features a more narrow weave, making smaller holes.

Garter Belt vs Garters & Leg Garters

Coquette 1018 Garter Belt Black & Coquette 7225 Bustier Merlot & Coquette 104 Leg Garter

Garter belts and garters/leg garters all simply refer to fabric that is used to hold up stockings. A garter belt wraps around the waist and has the garters already attached and ready-to-go.

Garters are the part that’s actually being attached to the stocking. They can come pre-attached (and are usually removable!) to a wide variety of lingerie styles such as bustiers, corsets, chemises, and of course garter belts. However, they can also be seen in the form of a leg garter which is a thin piece of fabric that sits on the thigh.


A collective term for fishnets, stockings, tights, etc. that cover the legs and feet (aka not leggings).


Pasties are an often decorative piece that covers the nipple(s), tassels are sometimes added too.


Coquette 7232X Chemise Blue OSXL

A “scrunched” or “bunched” up look created with an overlay of fabric that is gathered together.


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