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Metal Toy Myths

How well do YOU think you know metal sex toys!?

March 28, 2023

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How well do YOU think you know metal sex toys!?

Myth #1. Metal toys “can’t” vibrate

lewand-arch1-2bond1_1280xa&e tease me metal vibe-j

Le Wand Arch Stainless Steel Wand & We-Vibe Bond Quick-Release Vibrating Cock Ring & Adam & Eve Tease Me Rechargeable Metal Vibrator 

Now, now…just because many metal toys don’t vibrate, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing, nor does it mean that they can't at all!

Firstly, metal toys can allow you to go beyond the vibe and explore other types of sensations including pressure, fullness, gliding, and different temperatures! Some parts of the body even respond better to these types of stimulation like the G-spot and the prostate with pressure.

Secondly, some metal toys do actually vibrate - such as the Adam & Eve one pictured above - and if it doesn’t, you can simply add a vibrating cock ring to instantly make any non-vibrating metal dildo into one that does!

Myth #2. They are for internal stimulation only

xr master series crowned clamps-j-1le wand swerve-1

XR Brands Master Series Crowned Magnetic Nipple Clamps & Le Wand Swerve Stainless Steel Wand

While many metal toys do exist in designs for internal play, like dildos and plugs, there are other styles too such as nipple toys, chastity cages, cock rings, that are all made from metal! 

You can also use metal toys designed for internal use to play with external hot spots by using some of the sensations we just mentioned earlier…think smooth gliding on the taint, weighted tapping on the clit, a chilled swirling on the nipples, oh my!

Myth #3. Metal dildos are all designed to feel the same way

le wand bowle wand contour-j

Le Wand Bow Stainless Steel Wand & Le Wand Contour Stainless Steel Wand

Although they may look similar, things like texture, shape, length, and weight can all impact the feel of the metal dildo, whether internally or externally!

Myth #4. They are ALL anally safe

icon silver starter floral plug-jle wand hoop-j

Icon Brands Silver Starter Floral Anal Plug & Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Curved Wand

Sorry friends, BUTT the same anal toy rules apply! If there is no flared base or stopping point that keeps it from going too far, then it’s not safe to stick up your bum!

Metal dildos that are anally safe will feature a more obvious and protruding curve to its shaft that is more significant that the curve of the anal canal, such as with the Le Wand Hoop pictured above.

Myth #5. Lube is less important for metal toys

pjur original siliconewicked toy breeze cooling-j-1

Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant 100ml & Wicked Sensual Care Toy Breeze Cooling Gel Lube 3oz

Metal may glide over your body more swiftly and smoothly than other toy materials, however a lube can and will still enhance the situation as it slides side-to-side or in-and-out!

The best part? Metal toys are safe to use with ALL lube types (so you don’t have to worry about which ones are okay to use) and you can use a warming or cooling lube to activate the temperature sensations that metal toys are so infamously known for!


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