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Other Uses For Lube

Did you know that lube also has some other great benefits...not just for sex!?
April 15, 2021

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1. In your hair

If you’re someone who constantly deals with frizzy, tangled hair with tons of fly-aways, you can use lube in your hair to make it shinier and reduce the frizz!

2. Loosen it up

Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant 100ml

Are you currently battling something that is stuck? Perhaps a coat zipper or a ring on your finger? Lubing it up can help it to become unstuck and set you (and your things) free!

Pro Tip: If it’s a ring that’s stuck, try a silicone-based lube instead. Water-based ones absorb into the skin and can “dry out” quicker, actually making it harder to slip off.

3. Stretch piercings

A water-based lube can help with stretching a piercing (such as the earlobes) as it can help to reduce the chance of micro-tearing.

4. Get shiny!

Coquette D9312 Jumpsuit Black

Shine up your leather items and & wet-look lingerie pieces easily with some lube! Simply use a cotton pad or cloth to buff out the scuffs on the item of your choice and leave it looking shiny.

5. Lip gloss

Running out of your favourite lip gloss!? Just add a dab of water-based lube for an instant and gorgeous glossy look!

For a fun throwback to your lip smackin’ days (any other millennials out there!?), try a flavoured lube that adds a yummy flavour to each kiss and lick of the lips.

6. A massage

Doc Johnson Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil Lubricant

One thing we get asked here a lot at Stag Shop is whether massage oil can be used internally for penetration, etc. While it’s not recommended, the vice versa version is totally good-to-go!

Using an oil-based lube provides the same thin and slick consistency as a massage oil, but can be easier to control as it’s not as runny. Just remember that if you plan on transitioning from a massage to some sexual activity; oil-based lubes aren’t compatible with latex!

7. For shaving

Lubricant shares similar skin-protecting properties with traditional shaving creams, providing a smooth shave that can also moisturize the skin as you go.

Silicone-based lubes are ideal as they are more waterproof, staying on the body until you wash it off - just like shaving cream!

8. Prevent chafing

Stag Shop Water-Based Anal Gel 4oz

Whether you are experiencing chafing during a workout or simply because of #hotgirlsummer, dab some lube on your spots (inner thighs, upper arms, nipples, etc.) beforehand.

Pro Tip: Go for a lube of a thicker viscosity - like most anal lubes - as they provide more protection from friction and stay on the body for a longer period of time.


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