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Picking A Packer

Packers are a faux, limp penis that one can wear to create the look of a “penis bulge” as well as the look and feel of having one!

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FTM packers are a faux, limp penis that one can wear to create the look of a “penis bulge” as well as the look and feel of having one! There are several brands that come in a variety of sizes as well as skin tones. So how do you pick out the perfect packer for you?! Here are some things to consider.

Packer Sizes

Fleshlight Mr. Limpy Packer Penis

When picking the size of your packer, it can be helpful to think about how big or small you actually want it to be. You could choose one that is proportional to your body size and/or one that simply best represents the size you want.

Packer Skin Tones and Textures

Gender X - 4" Packing Penis - Various Colours - Stag Shop

Gender X - 4" Packing Penis

As mentioned previously, packers come in many different skin tones to represent our diverse population, some even in non-realistic fun colours! There are also a variety of different levels of realistic materials or less realistic depending what you prefer.

Packing Harnesses

Cal Exotics - Packer Gear - Boxer Brief Packer Harness - Black - Stag Shop

Cal Exotics Packer Gear Collections

Another thing to consider is how you are going to be wearing your packer. Whether it’s in your regular undergarments or a pair of packing underwear, will it fit and securely be held in place?

Things that are snugger to the body are preferable and any undergarment styles that feature a separate front pocket in the crotch also work. Alternatively, a smaller or softer o-ring strap-on harness can often be worn under the clothes and will also secure it in place.

Tips & Tricks

Practice Packing


Cal Exotics - Packer Gear - Boxer Brief

Get used to the feeling of wearing a packer simply by wearing it more and more! Wear it around the house doing your everyday routine, and when you’re comfortable, take it out and try wearing it in public.

STP Packer Extensions

Gender X - Stand To Pee Packer

An STP (also known as a stand-to-pee) device makes things more functional by allowing you to pee standing up, similar to how someone with a penis does.

There are a few different designs but they often feature a wide opening that narrows down to a tube-like design (kind of like how a funnel works). Some designs also act as a 2-in-1 toy where they function both as a packer as well as an STP device!

If you are looking for an ultra realistic option, visit our friends at Emisil have an incredible selection of high quality FTM prosthetics for trans men. Emisil has been operating an online store where a time-consuming, scrupulous work by artists is put into every unique item created to reach the best possible result for the customer.



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