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Prepping For Anal Play

Some things are universal for any booty and should be taken into account before the play begins.
Emily Zawadzki
April 23, 2019

All and any type of anal play can require some preparation & foreplay to ensure comfort and pleasure for all parties involved. As anal sex can still be a taboo topic for many, there are some myths and misconceptions out there that could potentially keep you from unlocking a whole new world of pleasure.

If prepared for and done right, anal play should never feel painful - different, unusual, and/or maybe uncomfortable sure, but it should never hurt. If you feel pain, something isn’t ready, and the play should stop until you are comfortable to continue!

Clean the anus.

shower head

It’s important to note that the anus doesn’t actually have any feces in it unless it’s getting ready to evacuate. That being said, for most people, emptying the bowels 30-60 mins beforehand and washing the area with soap and water is enough. However, some prefer a deeper clean with a douche/enema although it isn’t necessary.

There are a couple of different types of douches available including the bag and the bulb although the bulb has been an increasingly popular choice. You can find ALL douches here!

If using an enema:

  • Do it about 1-2 hours before anal play
  • Use only a couple of cups of water as too much can stimulate the digestive system and undo all of your prep. You only need enough water to clean out the last 6-8 inches of the rectum.
  • Use the same water you’d drink (aka ensure it’s filtered and clean!) and make it warm. If it’s too cold, it can cause cramping and if it is too hot, it can irritate or even burn the skin.

How clean and how thorough you want to clean is a personal choice. Some are okay with a light rinse, some want a more thorough douching, whereas others may prefer the spontaneity of a quick hygienic wet wipe (baby wipes & feminine wipes are perfect!) It’s more about the digestive system than it is the anus or anal canal, and you will know your body best.

Cover the bed or wherever you are going to play.

Liberator throw

Use a towel, sex sheet, etc. to cover where you plan to play. Not only will it help to catch any mess, but it can also protect whatever is underneath from fluids, lube spills, etc! The Liberator Fascinator is a durable and not to mention luxuriously soft sex blanket!

Ensure anal is the first and/or only type of play you want to be engaging in.

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The anus carries lots of bacteria and you don’t want to transfer any of it to a vagina, another anus, a mouth, etc. It’s important to take off and switch condoms, wash the genitals if used for penetration without a barrier, and clean the hands, mouth etc. if used on or in the anus.

Also, if you are using any anal toys - keep them for anal use only! Even with the perfect washing, some materials are more porous than others and bacteria can still linger.

Relaxation & Desire.

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As with all types of sexual activity, you have to want it for it to feel good. It should never be forced, coerced, or an activity to partake in to please a partner. YOU know your body and sexual desire best.

Relaxation is also instrumental when it comes to anal play. The more relaxed the muscles and body are, the more comfortable and ultimately more pleasurable the sensations will be!

Try warming the anus up with light finger play, rimming, and/or other sexual play that will help get you into the mood and the body more aroused in general.

Use Gloves.

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Gloves are a great protective barrier for finger play and warming up the anus with your fingers (anal massage). They should be tight-fitting to the hand, however, as loose gloves risk coming off mid-play as well as irritating the skin.

Lube, Lube, Lube!

Stag Shop Water-Based Anal Lube

The anus doesn’t provide any natural lubrication, making the need for lube that much more important! There is no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal play; the wetter the better!

Some lubes are made specifically for anal play and are typically of a thicker, gel-like viscosity, meaning it will stay on the skin longer before evaporating/seeping into the skin. 

Be prepared for a mess.

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Although the previous tips can help to avoid any mess, let’s face it - it can still happen and that’s totally normal! The best thing to do when faced with some unexpected mess, is to keep calm and clean up! No one should feel embarrassed or guilt over a natural bodily function.

It’s completely up to you and your partner to decide what happens after the cleanup. You can keep going afterwards, stop the play altogether, or stop the anal play specifically and move onto another sexual activity.