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Rockin' Rabbit Vibrators Shopping Guide

With Easter right around the corner, now is the perfect time to play with your best bunny; no, not the Easter bunny, but a rabbit vibrator!

With Easter right around the corner, now is the perfect time to play with your best bunny; no, not the Easter bunny, but a rabbit vibrator!

Down The Rabbit Hole

Onyxxx Angora Vibrator

The “Rabbit” (also known as a dual) vibrator gets its name from the fact that most feature a clitoral stimulator in the design of bunny ears. Regardless of shape & design though, most rabbit toys are virtually all the same in the sense that they are created for the purpose of dual & simultaneous stimulation. However, everybody and every BODY is different and the rabbit your best friend swears by – may not be the best bunny for you.

The most important thing to pay attention to is the shape, size, and position of the clitoral stimulator. Try to notice where your clitoris sits in proportion to your vagina – is it really close to it, is it farther away, etc. These things will all help to ensure that the Rabbit you get will do the trick for you.

Stimulation Station

There are several different types of dual toys on the market, most often designed to stimulate the external clitoris and the internal G-spot for those with a vulva. However, some tricked out rabbits feature an anal piece as the dual stimulator or add it as an extra, triple stimulator for simultaneous anal play as well.

The most common types of CLITORAL STIMULATORS seen on rabbit/dual toys are:

Bunny Ears

Cal Exotics Posh Bounding Bunny Vibrator

The often long ears cradle the clitoris and with vibration, buzz back and forth along it.

Butterfly Wings

Evolved Firefly Vibrator

Similar to the rabbit ears, butterfly wings also vibrate back and forth against the clitoris, however since they are a bit wider, they can often stimulate one or both of the labias as well as the clitoris.

Solid Piece

Onyxxx Dio Vibrator

Straying away from the creatures, sometimes dual toys just feature a bulbous bit that is simply meant to rest upon the clitoris for constant stimulation.


Evolved Super Sucker Vibrator

Suction on the clitoris is a new trend that is gaining even more popularity with hit bands like Satisfyer & Womanizer. But being made into a dual toy and being paired with internal vibrations? Dual dreams really do come true!


Cal Exotics Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer Vibrator

Seen across many existing clitoral vibes, nubbies provide a different textured sensation on the clitoris and clitoral hood. They can often be seen as raised dots or lines along the underside/front of the clitoral piece; the part that comes into direct contact with the clitoris.

Flickers & Spinners

Doc Johnson iRoll Vibrator

Similar to rabbit ears, flickers are becoming popular on rabbit toys as well. Often trying to mimic more of a tongue/oral sex sensation, a long and thin piece will either spin around or flutter back and forth vivaciously across the clitoris with some added vibration!

Internal Bliss

bunny burrowing into a hand gif

Even with all of the fun happening on the outside, don’t forget about the pleasure potential on the inside too! Although many dual toys are focused on the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot, that doesn’t mean that all dual toys are designed as such.

The most common types of INTERNAL STIMULATORS seen on rabbit/dual toys are:

G-Spot Tip

BMS Pillow Talk Kinky Vibrator

If you are looking for G-spot stimulation, look for a toy where the shaft curves upward – since the G-Spot is located on the upper wall of the vagina, the curve reaches up to stimulate it. If not, try looking for an internal piece with a straighter shaft.


Adam & Eve Eve's First Rechargeable Rabbit

Beads/pearls in the shaft are meant to dance on the inside either up or down, around in a circle, back and forth, etc. all to provide waves of textured stimulation on the inside. Similar to the beads, discs also provide a unique sensation as they twirl around the shaft.


Evolved Twirly Butterfly Vibrator

A rotating motion means a shaft that spins or turns in a circle while it is inside of the body. Many feature options to control the speed, direction, etc.


Adam & Eve The Thruster Vibrator

For those who love penetration, there are some rabbit toys that feature a thrusting shaft that moves up and down. They often give the user control over the speed and intensity of the thrust.

Anal Stimulation

Adam & Eve's Bad Bad Bunny Triple Vibrator

For even more stimulation (or sometimes seen as a dual penetration toy for vagina & anus), try a toy that features an anal piece. They can be shorter for backdoor tickling or longer for anal penetration.

The DIY Dream

The latest in rabbit technology comes from the brand Fun Factory. Their featured Stronic technology actually pulsates the toy in addition to the vibrations. This means it has the power to move back and forth, or pulsate. It’s so strong that the toys that have it actually move on their own! For rabbit toys, this just took “go F*@% yourself” to a whole other level.


Now that you know what to look for, have a fun time hop, hop, hopping onto your next Rabbit Toy!

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bunny hopping along gif


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