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Sex Toy Shopping For a Partner

Not just something to be bought for yourself, sex toys also make great gifts for partners during the Holidays, on their birthday, for an anniversary, and more!
Emily Zawadzki
December 9, 2021

So today, we’re going to be giving you some top tips that can help you out when shopping for a partner at Stag Shop!

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#1: Talk about it beforehand

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We have quite a variety of items for different body parts as well as sexual activities, so having a general idea of what kind of interests your partner has is a good start! Do they like vibrators? Anal play? BDSM toys?

You can even do some browsing together beforehand either online or in one of our various store locations to try and get some ideas and see what they are potentially interested in.

#2: Take a sneak peek at their sizes

Coquette 21317 Bra & Panty Set Black

If you want to buy them lingerie, try to take a sneak peek at their undergarments for their sizes. This is probably going to be easier if you already live together, but you can always offer to do a load of laundry and likely get some bonus points along the way!

#3: Be sure to pay attention to the dimensions

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Sizing is important for more than just lingerie! Especially for things that are meant to be inserted into the body like anal toys and dildos, things like the insertable length, width, and girth are important specs to pay attention to.

If your special someone already uses toys, try to compare the size of the item you want to buy them to that of one that they already have and like to use.

#4: Ask them to make you a wishlist

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Ultimate Bondage Kit

If you really aren’t sure what to get your partner or simply want to ensure that you will get something they will love, you can always ask them to make you a wishlist - and the more specific the better!

For online shopping, request links to some of the things that interest them and read any reviews together from real folks who have already purchased and tried the items.

But what if…?

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Sex toy shopping for a partner can definitely be tricky, we’re not denying that - and you may come across some potential “what ifs”.

  • What if they don't know what they want?
  • What if they already have a big toy collection?
  • What if they don't like it?

Firstly, if they don’t know what they like yet, there are tons of educational blogs & YouTube videos (including ours!) that can help them to figure out what they like. Even if they have a lot of things already, new products are constantly being released with all sorts of innovative sex tech to try!

All you can do is try your best to find your partner something that they will enjoy, and if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay. Simply add it to the list of things they don’t like and try again to find something they do. At least you took a chance to try something new and likely increased your communication as a couple along the way - which is still a win!