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Spooky Sex Toys👻

Celebrate the Halloween season with some of our favourite spooky sex toys!🎃
October 18, 2023

Creatures of the Night:

1. Dragon mouth stroker 🐲




Are you ready to be ravaged by fire-breathing dragons!? Then let this red, scaly dragon wrap its toothy mouth around your shaft! This soft, plush, and stretchy TPE stroker is the perfect addition to upgrade your next spooky solo session!

2. Alien egg probe


creature cock xeno egg-j


This pink, purple, and green egg glows in the dark so you can have a radioactive looking alien egg! Or you can imagine that you are taking in a whole new kind of creature and their especially unique phallus! With ribbed sides and a bumpy neck you can enjoy extra stimulation.

3. Alien stroker👽




Get caught in a wormhole with this frighteningly hot alien stroker! Made out of soft and squishy TPE, this purple stroker has a hole with a taloned entry. Inside the stroker are rows of textured ribs, grooves and nubs to drive you crazy as you dip yourself inside!

4. Sea monster dildo


creature cock hydra dildo-j


This salty sea monster comes with three heads ready to please and penetrate you!

The dark blue and red colors swirl together to make an even deeper purple colour to the mystical look of this Hydra Sea Monster Cock. The two smaller heads twist around the large one in the center offering different points of pressure and varying textures as it goes deep inside. At the base are a large pair of balls to match this massive 10-inch dildo.

5. Ghost stroker👻


cheap thrills phantom stroker-j


The Phantom Girl stroker won’t ghost you but, instead, provides life-like sensations with every stroke. It’s soft, stretchy, and glows in the dark, adding an exciting twist to your intimate moments.

6. Tentacle dildo


creature cock tentacle dildo-j


This long and flexible tentacle dildo has two rows of gradually bigger suckers as you get towards the base. Along each side are thick, calloused ridges that softly and sensually rub against you as you ride it. Its hues of blue, purple and orange glow bright green in the night when exposed to UV light!

7. Robot stroker🤖

cheap thrills robot stroker-j

Experience futuristic pleasure with The Robot Lover masturbator. Crafted from incredibly soft, tight, and stretchy Pure Skin® material, its textured chamber enhances sensations, creating a thrilling journey of pleasure with each silver stroke.

8. Ovipositor egg depositing dildo


creature cock larva ovipositor dildo-j


Indulge in your ultimate alien breeding fantasy with this Ovipositor dildo & included silicone eggs. The thick, textured shaft is large with tiny bumps on the head, a ribbed texture along the opposite side, and a mixture of textures along the rod down to the wide base. 

It can be used hands-free with the assistance of the suction cup or combined with a compatible strap-on harness for penetrating strap-on play or pegging

Insert one, some, or all four of the “larva” eggs into the hollow sheath and then insert them into the vagina, letting the Ovipositor deposit those eggs to be birthed out of you later after you're full!

Get Glowin’ in the Dark💚:

9. Door restraint kit




Keep your play thing right where you want them - even in the dark - with this door restraint set. Adjustable via a buckle closure, simply close the door behind you and let all of the nighttime naughtiness begin!

10. Collar & Leash set


ouch glow collar-leash-j


…and then take them on a midnight stroll under the stars!

Complete the Costume:

11. Leather Fly Trap mask




Suddenly, Seymour…won’t be able to see with this leather hood that looks like a Venus Fly Trap plant!


Crafted from soft black leather and featuring a red leather hood on the inside, this mask can be fully zipped up for total coverage or secured with a snap button for a bolder look. With two eye and two nostril openings, as well as a mouth opening and a D-ring on the front, this bold accessory is perfect for taking risks and exploring new boundaries.

12. Puppy hood🐶


xr spike puppy hood


"Who’s a good dog!?"

This puppy hood features bendable ears that can be posed to simulate several different breeds and a muzzle that snaps on and off easily for two different ways to wear, featuring the same quilted pattern as the brow and inner ears. Whether you are a bad dog or a well-trained pet, this puppy play hood is for you!

13. Pirate swashbuckler flogger

xr swashbuckler rope flogger-j

Ahoy, matey! This scallywag swashbuckler rope flogger has 6 tails with knots on each end for an extra bite to each whip. The firm handle keeps its shape with the help of a metal alloy core so you can simultaneously swish while walking the plank.

14. Vampire paddle🧛‍♀️

The Vampire Paddle has 48 spiky studs to tease your sub’s anticipating body. It bites into the skin to deliver intense sensations and looks just as good doing so dressed in high-quality lamb/saddle leather.

15. Witchy fingertips

“I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine” 🔮

Putting the power right into your fingertips, this set of 5 rose-gold fingertips can provide magical tingly feelings or make for a memorable spell of sensory exploration.


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