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The Explosive World of Squirting Dildos💦

For an extra realistic effect, try a dildo that squirts!

Cal Exotics Squirting Fuck Stick Vibrating Dildo

Realistic dildos on their own can already provide more life-like play options (whether alone or with others), but one that also squirts (aka mimics a penis ejaculating) can make any scene or scenario feel even more real!

There could be a variety of reasons you might want to add a squirting dildo into your play; maybe you have a fantasy that has more than one squirting penis, or perhaps you simply prefer to play with more fluid than the body can produce!

Squirting Dildos - Say What!?

That’s right! Squirting dildos can be filled before or during play with the substance of your choosing (more on that later!) and then released whenever you’re ready for it!

Cal Exotics Squirting Fuck Stick Vibrating Dildo & Doc Johnson Bust It Squirting Realistic Cock Beige

While each brand may work slightly differently, typically the dildo is hollow or features an internal chamber for the liquid to be inserted. Some you pump in, some you pour, and others (like the Doc Johnson one pictured above) has its own attached syringe!

King Cock Squirting Realistic Cock with Balls 10-inch Beige

Similarly, when you’re ready for the SQUIRT, some dildos feature a button you press and others you can squeeze/push out the liquid manually for release.

Getting Saucy

Stag Shop This is Lube Hybrid Lubricant

So…what can go inside of a squirting dildo?

Depending on the material of the dildo, this will affect which liquids you can use with it. For all materials, a water-based or hybrid lubricant will be compatible while silicone lubes should be avoided with any silicone dildos.

Cal Exotics Fuck Sauce Cum Scented Water Based Lubricant 8oz

Additionally, some lubricants were specifically made to be used with a squirting dildo!! These types of lubes were designed to mimic cum, mostly in look & texture, however some claim to smell or taste like it too!

They make the perfect companion for a squirting dildo and provide extra fluid fun for those who want to play with more than what your body can create.


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