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The Toy to Try: Fun Factory Sundaze

With a pulsating motion that offers up hands-free play, this vibrator from Fun Factory will leave you in a sunDAZE!
Emily Zawadzki
October 11, 2022


“Sundaze” is that feeling of relaxation and openness that you get on long, lazy Sunday afternoons. With 15 varied sensations to choose from (11 speeds & 4 patterns), this toy just begs to be played with for hours at a time, while you explore every possible way to make yourself feel ahh-mazing.


Sundaze is fully waterproof and uses Fun Factory’s patented Stronic technology; it taps, strokes, vibrates, and flutters, delivering a total of 15 sensations, all hands-free!

Another reason it’s perfect for experimentation? It stimulates nerve endings other toys can’t, so it can blow your mind in a totally new way.

  • MERKEL’S DISKS - Respond to light touch, like the tapping settings of Sundaze.
  • PACINIAN CORPUSCLES - Detect pressure and vibration, aka Sundaze’s first three settings.
  • RUFFINI ENDINGS - Feel when skin moves and stretches. Use the pulsation settings for these!


As a bonus, you can save your favorite arousal setting, so Sundaze starts with it every time, and if you accidentally turn the toy off during play, just turn it back on within 15 seconds to return to the same setting. It also features a travel lock that can provide some peace of mind that the Sundaze won’t accidentally turn on in any inopportune situations.


Sundaze’s simple, elegant shape transmits vibration from base to tip while being smooth enough to move up and down, no matter how you’re using it. Try setting the broad surface against the clit or switch to the tip for a more intense & targeted sensation. Choose fuchsia pink for a feeling of freshness and vitality or creamy pistachio to relax into the pleasure.

Also included with the Sundaze is its magnetic USB charging cord, user manual, and a bonus Tyvek storage bag to keep it all together!

Because Sundaze makes it easy to switch things up, it’s also a great toy for edging. The sheer variety of stimulation means you discover, explore, and slowly build to a bigger climax—the signature Sundaze slowgasm.