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Tips For Choosing Anal Beads

Considering anal beads often look the same - a strand with differently sized spheres - how do you know which ones to choose!?
August 8, 2023

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Anal beads are designed for easy anal exploration as you can insert as many of the beads as you’d like or are comfortable with. Some folks also enjoy the sensations that they can bring when pulled out of the anus during orgasm!

Considering anal beads often look the same - a strand with differently sized spheres - how do you know which ones to choose!? Besides listing some of our top-rated ones and some others that we just so happen to love, here are some things to consider before buying your next set of beads!

1. Use a loop handle for easier maneuvering

pd af first time fun beads-jgender x gold digger large-j

Anal Fantasy First Time Fun Anal Beads Black & Gender X Gold Digger Large Rose Gold

At the end of the strand, some anal beads have a loop/ring handle whereas others have more of a flared base but both act as a safety stopper. The ring, however, can provide easier manipulation for insertion, pulling them out, and for moving them around while inside!

2. Graduated beads vs beads of the same size

cal naughty bits butt ballsch1 boneyard ass ballz med-j

Naughty Bits Butt Balls Silicone Booty Beads & Boneyard Ass Ballz Medium Black

Although all of them have multiple beads, they aren’t always designed with the same shape in mind. Most commonly you will see beads of graduated sizes, starting smaller and ending off with bigger sizes. However, some are actually all the same size!

Having beads without size variation can provide different sensations than ones that do and can be ideal for those with bigger anal goals who want to work the anal muscles up to larger girths.

3. How long?

evolved sweet treat beads-jcal first time love beads-j

Evolved Sweet Treat Anal Beads Purple & First Time Love Beads Purple

Just like with width/girth, the same can be said for the length of the strand! A shorter set of beads can really only reach and stimulate so much of the anal canal whereas longer ones will be able to travel deeper, providing different sensations to different parts of the body!

4. What is it made of?

cal_exotics_-_eclipse_-_slender_beads-jpg-1glas 7.5 quintiessence

Eclipse Slender Vibrating Anal Beads Black & Gläs 7.5" Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider Pink

Different materials of beads can provide different options or even ways to play. For example, ones made of silicone are going to provide way more flexibility than a more rigid material like glass. However, ones that are made of glass or stainless steel can also provide temperature play and some weight or pressure to your anal stimulation. 

As with all toy materials, it’s important to know which lubricants are compatible with your toys! Be sure to check out our guide here to catch up on all of the different types of lube!

Psst…avoid ones made of REAL string! Silicone stranded ones are ideal, but ones that use an actual nylon or other type of linen-like string, these are pretty much almost impossible to fully clean 100% and when dealing with bacteria from your booty, that’s a no go!🙅🏻‍♀️

5. FUN Features!

dj aplay beaded vibe-jns firefly pleasure beads-j

Doc Johnson A-Play Beaded Vibe with Remote Purple & Firefly Pleasure Beads Blue

Looking for something a little extra!? Try looking for some beads that offer more unique features such as ones that vibrate, ones that have a remote control, or ones that glow-in-the-dark!


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