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Toys for Testicles!

There are many toys designed for the penis; rings, strokers, extenders & sleeves, and more! But moving a little south, what about toys for the testicles?!

Explore 5 types of toys all ready to knock your nuts off, provide pleasure…and maybe even a little bit of pain.

1. Ball Stretchers & Splitters

cal alpha ball stretcher-jocballs ball splitter-j

Cal Exotics Alpha Stretcher Grey & Oxballs Ballsling w/ Ball Splitter Blue

Ball stretchers are exactly what they sound like; toys that are designed to stretch the testicles, often away from the penis. Many exist on their own, however, some are built into a COCK RING too! They are made from a variety of materials from jelly to metal, providing varying levels of stretch and adjustable options.

Not only does a ball splitter stretch the balls away from the body, but a splitter also “splits” the testicles, separating them from one another as well! Notice the extra piece of material that hangs down below in the blue splitter (pictured above), this piece separates the testicles when worn.

2. A Vibrating Ball Cradle

zt vib ball cradle-j

Zero Tolerance Vibrating Ball Cradle & Remote Black

Unleash your orgasmic potential with this toy by Zero Tolerance specifically made to cradle your balls with 9 vibration speeds & patterns. Use it with or without the included wireless remote control that has a 30 foot range and is also rechargeable.

Slip into the double loop – one for penis, one for balls - and nestle the motor right behind the balls, enjoying the creamy silicone flexibility and textured, stimulating surface. If the mood suits you, you can even take your play underwater as it’s completely waterproof.

3. Ball Crushers (A Vice)

tom of finland crusher-jtom of finland crusher1-j

Tom of Finland Stainless Steel Ball Crusher

Cock and Ball torture, more commonly known as CBT, is a type of kink typically revolved around penis/testicle pain and power exchange. The torture that is inflicted upon the penis and testicles depends on how you want to play but can range from mild discomfort to extreme pain.

Ball crushers or vices are a common CBT tool as it slowly and steadily puts pressure on the testicles. This thumb-screw style ball crusher gives you or your partner complete control over the pressure simply by twisting the screws to raise the hard, unyielding plate.

4. Weighted Cock Rings

colt weighted ring-jch 1 steel cr-j

Colt Weighted Cock Ring Black & Channel 1 Releasing "Vers" Steel Weighted Cock Ring Black

There are two main types of weighted cock rings; ones that have dangling weights & ones that have the weight built into the ring itself…however we’re talking here more about the ones that have additional weights hanging off the ring.

Thanks to our good ol’ friend gravity, the weight pulls the penis and testicles downward for the wearer, sometimes also pushing the testicles away from the penis, just like a ball stretcher would! Then, the weight itself - depending on how the ring is built - swings back and forth as they are thrusting, tapping the testicles with each thrust!

Pro Tip: These types of weighted cock rings can also stimulate a partner with the dangling piece, once again, swinging back and forth with each thrust on their bits too!

5. The BALLDO™ !


Balldo in Purple

This may tes-tickle your fancy... Balldo is the first sex toy that allows you to penetrate with your testicles, engaging in a new type of play, ballsex!

For more information on how to use this toy and all of its features, be sure to check out our previous blog post!


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