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Toys To Help You Celebrate Easter!

Hoppy Easter from all of us here at Stag Shop! Peep this selection of egg-cellent toys to get you into the mood (if the puns didn’t do it already)!
Emily Zawadzki
April 4, 2023

Rabbit (dual) vibrators

a-e shimmy & shake rabbit-j

Adam & Eve Shimmy & Shake Velvet Rabbit Vibrator Teal

The “Rabbit” (also known as a dual) vibrator gets its name from the fact that most feature a clitoral stimulator in the design of bunny ears, but not always! Regardless of shape & design though, most rabbit/dual toys are virtually all the same in the sense that they are created for the purpose of dual & simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina.

For more information on dual vibrators and what they have to offer, check out our shopping guide!

Rabbit (external/clitoral) vibrators

onyxxx bunni-jcal slay amazeme-j

Onyxxx Bunni & Cal Exotics Slay #AmazeMe Vibrator Blue

Not to be mistaken with the other kind of rabbit (dual) vibrators, these toys have taken the rabbit ears design specifically that is commonly seen in the dual vibe and have them exist on their own, without the internal part for dual stimulation.

Although many are advertised for use on the clitoris, they can be used on all sorts of external erogenous zones!

Pro Tip: These can feel especially good on the nipples specifically because it cradles it with vibration, the same way it would the clitoris!

Kegel eggs

lewand yoni eggs-jlewand yoni eggs1-j

Le Wand Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Kegel Eggs

“Eggs” are a type of kegel toy where the shape of the insertable orbs are not quite perfectly round balls or spheres but feature more of a slimmer, oval/egg shape!

Some feature a saddle for the eggs to sit in and/or a retrieval string, some are loose eggs, and others (like the Le Wand Yoni Eggs pictured above) offer a bit of both!

Vibrating external eggs

cal pocketexotics silver bullet-j

Cal Exotics Pocket Exotics Silver Bullet Vibrator

These power-packed and petite egg vibrators can be used to stimulate any external erogenous zone and many come with an attached remote control for instant couples play fun!

Pro Tip: Try hiding one of these eggs inside the pocket of Stag Shop’s strap-on harness for even more play possibilities together!

Egg strokers


Stag Shop Choke it to Yoke it Nubby Egg Masturbator

Shaped like an egg, these are small, beginner-friendly, and super stretchy toys with a textured inside that is used to stroke the penis for added sensations. They can be used to spice up any solo masturbation routine or add it to a handjob!

"G-spot" egg vibrators

playboy on the spot-jplayboy on the spot1-j

Playboy On the Spot G-Spot Vibrator Teal

These types of toys are usually shaped in a very similar and purposeful way - with a long handle/shaft that leads to a bulbous, egg–shaped stimulator at the end. This “egg” design is helpful for reaching and stimulating the g-spot for those with a vulva.

However the bulbous and extra-large size can cover the surface area of other external* erogenous zones too like the clitoris, nipples, perineum (taint), and more!

*Pro Tip: Although these toys are used internally in the vagina, unfortunately many don’t have a flared base or any type of curve to the shaft that would also make it safe to use internally in the anus.