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Universal Masturbation Toys

Regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, all folks can use one of these types of toys for some spectacular solo play this Masturbation May!

Nipple toys

lovense gemini bluetooth-j

Lovense Gemini Bluetooth Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Have you ever tried incorporating your nipples into your masturbation routine? 

Nipples can have varying levels of sensitivity - even on the same person! - and nipple toys can provide a range of sensations; sucking, a slight or painful pinch, and even some vibrations!

Eve's Petite Private Pleasure Wand Teal

Pro Tip: Try looking for a vibe with an indent (like the one pictured above). These are often marketed for clits but feel good on nipples too as it surrounds the area with all of the good vibes!

Anal toys

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Beginner's Fantasy Kit

Everyone has a butt they can explore…and whatever your experience with anal, there are toys to enjoy from beginners to advanced; including plugs, beads, dildos, and prostate massagers for people with a prostate!

If you are a backdoor beginner, it can be helpful to start playing by yourself first (before you explore with a partner) so that you can be more aware of your body/booty and communicate these things…likely leading you to a better partnered anal play experience.

External vibrators (like wands & bullets)

friends seven erogenous zones gif

In addition to the hot spots on the inside, most bodies are going to have an external spot or two…or seven (😏) where the sensations of vibration are just going to feel good.

Since all bodies are different, have fun exploring where YOUR body specifically reacts to such a strong type of stimulation!

tiny treasures bullet vibe kit

Evolved Tiny Treasures 5PC Vibrator Set Black

Pro Tip: Actually explore the other vibration speeds & patterns! They can provide different sensations, especially on areas of the body you’re just starting to explore (or explore with vibration).

Remote control toys

thrusting vibrator with remote

Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Thruster Probe & Remote Black

Make any type of vibrating toy a lot easier to maneuver on your own with a remote control! Especially for any hard-to-reach areas of the body or positions (such as with anal toys or a vibrating dildo with a suction-cup base), a remote control really comes in handy!

Finger vibes

scr o charged fing-o pnk-j-2

Screaming O Charged Fing O Rechargeable Finger Vibrator Pink

Especially if you find your fingers get tired or you find it difficult to hold a toy for longer periods of time, a finger vibrator easily attaches to your digits and provides a unique way for you to feel yourself!

In fact, there’s a lot more fun to be had with a finger vibe that you can check out in our previous blog post!


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