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Virtual Bachelor(ette) Party Ideas

If you find yourself with a virtual party to plan, here are some ideas!

COVID-19, unfortunately, caused the cancellation of many weddings from 2020-2021...and the bachelor(ette) parties that go along with them were no exception!

If you find yourself with a virtual party to plan (whether you’re the one getting married or the BFF in charge of planning) here are some ideas to keep the party going.

Pro Tip: Try designating one person as an MC who can break the ice and keep the events and conversation rolling the whole time!

1. Have everyone decorate their own space

Pipedream Bachelorette Party Favors Cheers Bitches Party Banner

Whether you’re going for a consistent theme or with the classic penis-esque swag, have everyone decorate their own space for a DIY zoom background ready for fun.

2. Have a theme…

the kardashians candyland themed party gif

...if you want! You can make it personal with things the bride/groom likes, or keep it simple with something like colour-coordinating outfits.

3. Send a delivery basket

Stag Shop Bachelorette Bride To Be Sash & Stag Shop Bachelorette Party Veil White with Silver Stars

Send the bride or groom to be their classic essentials in a delivery basket so they have it ready to go. If it’s possible, drop off a party basket full of swag to everyone involved!

4. Make a party playlist

You can make it more personal by including songs that are favourites of the bride/groom, throwback songs that bring back all the memories, and ones that you know will have everyone dancing out of their chairs!

5. Naughty edibles are still a must

Pipedream Bachelorette Party Favors Reusable Boobie Cake Pan & Little Genie Candyprints Super Fun Penis Candy

You can purchase these goodies so that everyone has the same treats to enjoy or make baking something dirty and delicious one of the activities to do altogether!

6. Game on!

Little Genie Bachelorette Party Exposed Game

Trivia about the bride or groom, scavenger hunts, truth or dare, photo challenges - all of these great get-to-know each other games can be played virtually too.

Pro Tip: Look for free printable or downloadable options - like this trivia game!

7. Have a signature COCK-tail

Pipedream Bachelorette Party Favors Dicky Sipping Straws 10-Pack

Plan ahead of time a signature COCK-tail for everyone to make and drink altogether during the party.

8. Open any gifts on-screen

If attendees send any gifts before the virtual event, open them up altogether on camera and/or try to guess who got what!

9. Have a cameo moment

Have someone such as the guest of honour's spouse-to-be or one of their parents/grandparents crash the call for a fun cameo moment! Play a game with them and/or have them spill some of their funniest or most embarrassing stories about the bride/groom.


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