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What is Pet Play?

Are you curious about pet play and what it’s all about? A part of the BDSM world, keep reading to find out more including some tips on how to play!
Emily Zawadzki
June 23, 2022
white girl in bunny ears

Pet play is a subculture of BDSM and is a version of the Master & slave/Dominant & submissive relationship and/or scenario. Typically one person pretends to be a pet and the other partner pretends to be their master. Although most situations are not for erotic/arousal purposes, pet play can be sexual for some.

**Now before we go any further, we cannot express this enough; PET PLAY IS NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO BEASTIALITY as they are two completely different things. Pet play does not involve real animals, it is a type of scenario between two or more consenting people and is an extent of fantasy, pretending, and role-playing.**

Many participants of pet play explain how it is a way to escape from regular life (psychologically and emotionally) and all of its responsibilities. By taking on the role of a mindless pet, life becomes simple; eat, sleep, play, repeat. There are no bills, chores, or jobs for a puppy, bunny, or kitty! Also, for those that are already involved and/or interested in a Dominant & submissive relationship, pet play is not that far off. The Master has control over the pet, and the pet is owned and completely controlled by its owner in most situations. Similar to a 24/7 Dominant & submissive relationship, the Master decides when and what the slave/pet eats, sleeps, wears, plays, and how they do all of these things (with consent beforehand & safety practices in place of course).

Just like any other relationship and scenario within the BDSM world, pet play does not look the same for everyone. The most common animals seen are puppies and kitties, however other animals are becoming increasingly popular as well such as; foxes, ponies, pigs, and bunnies. The animal is usually a personal preference of the submissive though, and many will argue that it’s not about the specific animal but more about lowering their status to that of someone’s pet. How the pets and owners play is completely up to them and can depend on what type of animal persona is involved. For example, puppy and kitty play will probably look a lot different than pony or pig play.

If you’re interested in pet play, here are some things to get you started!

Dress Up

XR Brands Tailz Grey Fox Tail Anal Plug

This is probably one of the easiest ways to become involved in pet play. Depending on what animal you choose to be, you could include accessories like; collars & leashes, masks, hoods, ears, and tails. Tail plugs are cute anal accessories that feature a butt plug with an attached animal tail including; foxes, bunnies, ponies, and more!

Decide How YOU Want To Play

This is a discussion with your play partner that’s better to have BEFORE you begin playing. After you decide what animal you’re going to be playing with, you need to discuss how you’re going to play. Discuss things you want to act out and the things that you don’t. Maybe you want to set up food & water dishes and/or train your pet by caging them.

Act The Part

woman in leopard print lying on the ground meowing gif

This should be pretty self-explanatory, act like whichever animal you are! Limit verbal communication to animal sounds, play with pet toys, get on your hands and knees, etc.


Safety is always something that needs to be a part of BDSM play. Do your research about the aspects of pet play you want to engage in, so that you know what you are doing and how to do it safely. For example, although eating dog food may be something you wanted to try, it actually isn’t safe for humans to eat on a regular basis. You can find alternatives though such as fashioning human food into animal food or “creating” animal food out of human food (i.e. mashed up meatloaf as wet dog food).

Safety should also be considered for things like shock collars & e-stim play, communication & safewords (if your pet can’t speak, how will they let you know what they want or when to stop?), kennels/cages, etc.

Pet play can deepen an already existing Dominant & Submissive relationship or introduce you to BDSM as a whole. As with any BDSM relationship, everything is negotiated, discussed, and consensual; this is at the center of every kind of kinky play or scene.

Happy playing little pets!🐾