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Where Should I Keep My Sex Toys?

Whether you have one vibrator or an ever growing collection of all the sex toys, it's important to know how to properly care for and especially store them.
March 19, 2019

Whether you have one vibrator or an ever growing collection of all the sex toys, it's important to know how to properly care for and especially store them. Throwing them all into your nightstand drawer may seem like an easy and convenient idea but there's actually a lot more to it than just that!

Why It Matters

sex toys in a box on the bed


It's plain and simple. Sex toys mix and mingle with all of your bits on the regular, so do you really want them to be covered in lint or dirt, even bacteria before you put them on/around/inside of you? Despite cleaning your toys after every use, your toy can still get dirty in the drawer, before you bring it out again for the next round. How you store them though can ultimately be the difference between a butt plug lasting you 1 year and one lasting 5 years.

Storage Considerations

1. Take out the batteries before putting it away.

open bullet vibe with battery

If your toy vibrates and uses batteries, it's best to take the batteries out before putting your toy away. Not only does leaving the batteries in drain their power (even when the toy isn't on), but it can also cause the toy's motor to overheat or burn out.

Try using a separate little bag or box to keep all of your batteries in and pop them back into your toy when you're ready for fun!

2. Store your toys separately.

sex toys in different storage bags

Basically meaning don't let them touch! Toys can come in a variety of materials and those materials don’t always get along. If toys are left out and on each other for too long, over time they can “melt” or bond to each other in a way that no longer makes them safe or fun!

Also, toys can transfer bacteria back and forth. So that dildo you didn't get a chance to clean after your last "quickie" that you threw back in the drawer, can now effectively contaminate the rest of your sexy toy collection.

3. In addition to storing your toys separately, try to keep everything from the box/package together.

Chorus vibrator and box contents

We-Vibe Sync Purple

Not only does this make it easier to find the right charger and where to put your toy when done, but keeping the manuals are also a good idea. Sex toys are all different and unique and yours may not be as simple as 1-button. Get to know your toys better; how to work them properly, and maybe even some little tricks you didn't know your toy had - like a travel-lock feature!

Also, if anything ever happens to your toy, many vendors & brands have warranties on their products that you can go back to them for help on how to deal with the issue. However, a lot of the time they require specific information to verify the purchase (like serial # for example) that is actually in those little manuals.

4. Try to keep liquids like lubricants or massage oils separate.

Wicked Sensual Flavoured Lubricants

One word: leaks. No one wants to go searching for a toy in the middle of a hot moment only to find a mess of sticky (potentially dried) lube or massage oil everywhere! Talk about a mood killer. So try to keep all of your toys in one place and all of the liquids in another drawer, box, etc.

Also, it's important to pay attention to those expiry dates! Lubes and liquids are only good for so long, and after their shelf life they can discolour, get sticky or greasy, or can even become tacky. Not to mention, it won't properly do its job to give you that perfect glide.

Where Can You Keep Them?

Probably the best and easiest way to store your sex toys are to individually put them into lint-free toy bags or a toy chest of some sort; many products often even include a little bag to store it in afterwards. That way you can keep everything together (maybe not in some monstrous dog pile of sex toys), in a safe and organized way yet still have everything separate.

Some other fun ideas to store your sex toys are Tupperware containers, suitcases, boxes under the bed, and if you need to be a little more discreet you can always put them into your actual socks in a sock drawer. However, be aware, lint is the enemy - especially if your toys are made of jelly, PVC, Cyberskin or anything that is more porous. Even high-grade silicones can easily pick up lint and pet hair so it's a good idea to give those toys a rinse even BEFORE you use them.

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Regardless of how you choose to store your sexy collection, the main things to think about in terms of toy storage is avoiding extremities of hot and cold (so don't leave them out basking in the sun all day), avoiding exposure to dirt and bacteria, and making sure that the way the toy is stored is not going to break it (like having a toy with a cord tangled and caught on other toys).

Take care of your toys and they will continue to take care of you!

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