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Why You Should Try The 69!

June 9th (6/9!) is National 69 day, and Stag Shop is here to ensure you are having the best 69 sex around!

For those that may not be aware, the “69” is a sex position in which both partners actively give and receive oral sex simultaneously. The most popular way to do this is horizontally and missionary-like, however, we’re here to help you switch things up!

If you’ve tried it, you can attest that this position can be a bit more awkward than others to set up, but once everything is lined up and ready to go, it can bring mind-blowing oral sex orgasms!

The “69” received its name due to the fact that the numbers 6 & 9 look like two people engaging in it, with the circles in each acting as the heads of people. However, at its most basic form, it is simply simultaneous oral sex, so it may be a good idea to brush up on some oral sex basics before you try to take it to the next level.

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Benefits of The 69

69 spinning around gif

  • The 69 sex position is great for and can be enjoyed by all couples regardless of gender and sexual orientation - although it does tend to be a bit easier to achieve when you are both similar in height!

  • It also allows you to switch up your oral sex scene from basic missionary, doggie-style and the other typical positions you tend to use to enjoy or give oral sex.

  • Depending on the 69 position you choose (more on that soon!), it can actually make things more comfortable for longer lasting sessions, especially when you use a pillow or other positional aid.

  • It’s hot! The view you can get of your partner is often incredibly erotic and can add to the experience as well.

  • Lastly, if you’re a fan of facesitting in either context (doing the sitting or having your face sat on), the 69 is the perfect position for you!

Spice Up Your 69!

I bet I'd be so good at 69-ing gif

I’m sure we all know of the typical way to enjoy the 69 - one person on their back with the other person on top straddling, facing the other way. Although that is still enjoyable, try spicing up your 69 style with some of these ideas!

1. Try it on your Side Instead.

Rather than one person on their back with the other person on top of them, you are both lying on your side! Use your elbow or forearm to help prop you up and open your legs in a triangle shape, so that your legs are open but your feet are still touching.

In this position, you can even use each other’s thighs as a pillow for more comfort or for longterm play!

2. Use a Positional Aid. 

69 on a liberator wedge

Things like a pillow, a wedge, or a Liberator can help you both with comfort and better positioning. Using one of these under the hips, under your head, etc. can bring your partner’s hips & genitals closer to you, or position them at a more pleasurable angle.

3. One of you Stand Up!

Try the 69 with one of you standing up over the other person’s face. On your back & lying down still with your head slightly off the edge of the bed, have the other person stand with their genitals over top of you for easier access. This also gives the standing person more control over how much pressure they are putting onto you.

4. Both of you Stand Up! 

stag shop logo in a standing 69 position

If you can, that is, because this one can be a bit more difficult to achieve! One person stands up and holds their partner upside down (or they can do a handstand) so that their genitals are directly at face level. Once again, this one is going to be a lot easier if you’re similar in height!


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