Pelvic Floor Health

Finding Your Inner Strength

Brought to attention by the infamous 5o Shades of Grey, Kegel Balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, have many curious about what they are and what they can do for their health. Although often thought of as strictly for pleasure, they can do so much more for your health, body, self-awareness, and yes, for pleasure! Kegel balls are used as tools to perform Kegel exercises (Kegels), and using them is becoming increasingly popular.

A cartoon depiction of a uterus lifting weights.

What are Kegels!?

Kegel exercises are simple contractions of the pelvic floor muscles (also known as PC muscles). The pelvic floor holds some important things in the body like the womb, bladder, and bowels (see diagram below). Being all connected, when the PC muscles are strong, it benefits these parts of the body as well.

A diagram of female anatomy depecting where the pevlic floor muscles are located.

Why Do Kegels?

Many things can weaken the pelvic floor over time such as pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, aging, and weight gain. Although more popular for bodies with a vulva, Kegels are also important for bodies with a penis; especially those with weaker pelvic floors and/or if you have had prostate surgery.

Since the pelvic floor holds the bladder and bowels, Kegels are a great way to stop or lessen incontinence (peeing or pooping a little when you laugh, sneeze, cough, etc.). Anyone can suffer from incontinence, and it is extremely common among women who are pregnant or who have had children. The stronger the PC muscles, the stronger the organs connected to the pelvic floor are as well.

For vulva owners, a strong pelvic floor can also mean a tighter vagina, and stronger, more intense orgasms. Think of it as a vaginal workout; you’re strengthening the same muscles that contract during climax and that are responsible for orgasms. For penis owners, a stronger pelvic floor can help with bladder control, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and improve overall body strength.

No Excuses

There are even different apps out there that can help you to stay on track with your Kegel workout and tell you what to do so that you get the most out of your pelvic floor exercise.

Try not to think of Kegels as another thing on the never-ending to-do list, but instead a fun and different way to improve your sexual health! The best part is they can be done anywhere and no one will even know. Make it a part of your daily routine when in line for coffee, on the drive to work, or during commercial breaks of your favourite show.

A cartoon depiction of a female coach dressed in pink blowing a whistle.

How To Exercise

Whether you use Kegel balls or not, the exercise is very similar, the main thing is to contract the PC muscles. First, you need to figure out which muscles you’re actually working with. The best way to figure it out is to stop mid-pee next time you go to the bathroom. If you succeeded, then you’ve found your PC muscles! Now just do the same type of action when you’re not urinating. It can be done anywhere, in any position, and unbeknownst to anyone!

Make Kegels just like a regular workout by doing repetitions and sets of them to get those muscles strong!

A diagram of how the kegel exercise should be executed. 1. Contract the pelvic floor muscles, lifting upwards. 2. Hold the contraction. 3. Release the contraction. 4. Relax and start again.

Toys For Kegels

If you choose to use a Kegel toy for your workout, insert the toy accordingly and get into a comfortable position. Similar to the classic Kegel; contract the muscles, lifting the toy upwards and hold for a few seconds, then release. Do 10 to start and work your way up from there.

Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls are great tools to work out that pelvic floor. There are only a few things that differentiate Kegel balls and they usually come down to personal preferences. A Kegel toy simply helps to make sure the right muscles are being worked and may help motivate you to do it altogether!

Some Kegel balls are attached on a string and usually have a little bit extra length to the string for easy insertion and removal; kind of like how a tampon works. Others are just loose balls, not attached to anything else. If your Kegel balls are attached by a string, ensure you are properly cleaning the string as well as the balls!

The loose balls can require more PC strength because you have to use these muscles to physically hold them inside of you (especially if they’re weighted), whereas the ones on a string will stay put easier.

The size and weight of Kegel balls can vary and while most strings of Kegel balls have the same size balls, there are sets that also come with interchangeable ones. They will include balls with different weights that you can switch in and out to work your way up when you start strengthening your muscles. The heavier weights will be harder to keep inside and therefore will require stronger muscles to use.

Most Kegel balls are non-vibrating, however, some are to add to the pleasure aspect of it. Vibration can also make for a more intense workout, as the vibration makes the muscles work harder.


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