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5 Tips For French Kissing👅

Did you know that today, July 6, was Kissing Day!? We’re here to help you celebrate the day of smooching with 5 tips for kissing with tongue.
Emily Zawadzki
July 6, 2023

tongue kissing

Whether you’re in for an extended make out sesh or you like to use kissing as a lead up to other activities like oral, penetration/strap-on play or anal, here are 5 tips for kissing with tongue!👅

1. Start slow

You don’t have to start out with your tongue right away! In fact, you may find it to be more anticipating if you start slower (focusing on the kissing itself) and then build up to more heavy tongue use as you go.

2. Pay attention to your breathing

It’s totally normal to start breathing heavier when you get turned on but remember to slow down every once in a while and try to stay relaxed, tuning into your partner’s breath as well!

3. Gently add tongue

Once you feel ready, let’s add some tongue!

Start with little slips into your partner’s mouth here and there, maybe a casual swirl around their tongue if it meets you in the middle. The most important thing is to communicate (either verbally or with some obvious body talk) what you’re into and if something just isn’t doing it for you!

Pro Tip: While people do enjoy different things, it’s pretty universal that a poking/prodding tongue as well as a “dead” tongue aren’t all that fun for anyone.

4. Experiment & play together

Once you fall into a bit of a kissing rhythm and/or start to understand each other's preferences, try experimenting with new tongue techniques such as…

  • Keeping your tongue in their mouth for longer or short periods of time
  • Moving your tongue in different ways or around new parts of your partner’s mouth/throat (if consented to of course)
  • Using different patterns or parts of your tongue

5. Keep it fresh

As with any type of kissing, a fresh mouth can help you to feel more confident; so brush, floss, gargle, pop some gum, and whatever else you like to do for your oral (pun intended) hygiene!

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