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Get Swingin' With Sex Swings!

Get swingin’ into new positions & possibilities with a sex swing!
Emily Zawadzki
July 4, 2023

Sex swings are a great way to achieve new positions as they take the weight off of one or both of you when you are suspended in the air or against a door. However, they also allow for deeper penetration angles, more comfortable oral sessions, and an overall comfier experience! 

Sex can be very physical, and a swing will let you explore new positions and have the stamina to stay in those positions for longer periods of time. They can also switch up things like foreplay by letting you perform them in different ways. Most can hold up to at least 300 lbs in weight and feature some fun things (more on that soon!) for numerous possibilities and a satisfying ride! 

Swings can be especially great for those with chronic pain and/or physical disabilities.*

*Remember to be careful if you or your partner require any lifts in and out of the swing. If you can, try using a swing closer to the bed, a couch, etc. for an easier sliding transition!*

The Swingin’ Scene

There are two main types of sex swings; ones that are installed into the ceiling and ones that hang over the door when it is closed.

“Door Jam”

ouch door swing

Ouch by Shots Toys Door Swing

As you could probably guess from the name, “over the door” or “door jam” swings are designed to work against a closed door. You put the top straps (with stoppers) over the top of the door and then close it, which keeps the swing in place.

Door swings can be easier to use, to put up & take down, more portable, and are very beginner friendly…which also often puts them on the cheaper side!


ff spinning swing hanging-jff spinning hardware close upff spinning swing hardware

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing

Alternatively, these swings hang directly from the ceiling! 

They can be tedious compared to door swings in the sense that the setup and takedown is more intense, but they can provide you with additional positions and angles (not to mention some actual swinging) thanks to their ability to be able to move around 360 degrees. 

The installation will depend on the specific brand and swing, however, they typically will include all of the necessary hardware and instructions on how/where to properly set it up.

Swing Into These Positions!

“Up-in-the-Air Oral” & “Giddy Up Cowgirl”

oral swing-jcowgirl swing

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing & Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Bondage Swing White

These ones pretty much speak for themselves😉

“The 69 Swing”

First, someone lies on their back in the swing, then someone else with a penis/dildo stands over top of them so that their groin area is directly above the swinging person’s head. The person standing can lean over over to give oral while lining up their penis/dildo for the other partner to simultaneously also give oral right back!

“Suspended Doggy”

doggy swing

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing

The receiving partner either lies on the swing on their stomach, hands on the floor or on their knees in the swing, holding onto handles while the other person gets up behind them to thrust. The person in the swing then has the choice over the angle, elevation, and even the force of the swing! They can also use any stirrups to relax their legs while being penetrated…the options are endless!




Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing

Parts of the swing can include more padding than others such as for the back or butt and for bigger bodies to help with comfort, allowing you to swing for longer periods of time!

Stirrups & handles


Sportsheets Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling

It helps both the balance and comfort if your legs have somewhere to go and you have something to hold onto such as stirrups and handles!

An attached dildo

dildo swing

Sportsheets Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling

Some swings provide you with the option to add a flared base dildo whether to play with penetration on your own or to use it as a DP (double penetration) fantasy with a partner who has a penis!

A pillow


XR Brands Strict Extreme Sling

Whether your swing includes a pillow (like this one pictured above) or you simply add one of your own, a pillow can add to the comfort while also helping to support the neck.

Pro Tip: Not just for under your head, try using a pillow for some DIY padding in other places on the body you feel like you need more support such as under the butt, under the legs, under the hips, etc.