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5 Ways To Last Longer

Probably one of the most popular questions we get throughout Stag Shop is from penis owners wondering how they can “last longer”.
January 7, 2021

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Probably one of the most popular questions we get throughout Stag Shop is from penis owners wondering how they can “last longer”. Those infamous two words might mean something different to each person, but it all comes down to wanting to perform your best sexually.

Whether you’re aiming to last longer alone or with a partner (or both!), just remember that all bodies are different and what works for someone else - including your buddy - might not be the best choice for you.

That being said, here are 5 different ways to potentially help you “last a little longer”.

1. Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump Red

Using either air or water pressure, pumps force the blood flow to the corpus cavernosum (sponge tissue) in the penis, which then fills with blood and produces a ready-to-go erection. Regardless of pump style, the resulting erection can be maintained even longer through the use of a cock ring.

2. Cock Ring

Satisfyer Signet Bluetooth Cock Ring Black

Speaking of cock rings, they temporarily constrict the blood flow to the penis for a period of time (for safety reasons, no longer than 30 minutes or so) when worn around the base of the penis, sometimes around the scrotum too.

This constriction keeps the blood within the penis and can make it feel; harder, like it’s throbbing, a little bigger in girth, and sometimes can provide a more intense ejaculation.

3. Delay Spray

Zuice Climax Control Spray 15ml

These types of products contain a small percentage of a numbing agent (typically lidocaine and/or benzocaine) which temporarily reduces the penis’ sensitivity. By desensitizing the penis, it doesn’t feel as much stimulation, allowing the person to delay their ejaculation.

Simply sprayed onto an erect penis before sexual activity, delay sprays absorb into the skin quickly and won’t transfer to a partner or another part of the body.

4. All-Natural Supplement

Forta Male Sexual Enhancement Supplement 10-pack

The all-natural sexual supplements that we carry - like Zuice and Forta - typically use similar ingredients that work with the body to increase blood flow, especially to the penis. While each brand might work slightly differently, most often the pill(s) can be taken around an hour before sexual activity and are fast-acting to increase sexual performance.

5. Hollow Strap-On

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy 6" Hollow Rechargeable Vibrating Strap-On

One of the best parts about a hollow strap-on is that the wearer can be completely flaccid while inserted and still firmly penetrate a partner! So when you want to keep going, but your penis needs a pause, simply slip into a hollow strap-on (with the help of some lube) and away you go!

In a wide variety of sizes, colours, textures, and more, hollow strap-ons give you more length and girth, and some even allow your member to vibrate for added pleasure.


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